Retirement Plan Sample Clauses

Retirement Plan. The employees covered by this agreement shall be eligible to participate in the Professional Support Staff Retirement Plan for the term of this agreement, in accordance with its terms. Employees hired after March 4, 2007 shall become member of the defined contribution plan. Employees covered by this agreement, hired prior to March 4, 2007 however, shall be entitled to receive an early retirement (or deferred vested) benefit at age fifty-five (55), with the appropriate early retirement monthly reduction as described in the plan. In connection with this agreement:
Retirement Plan. Employees shall be covered by the Employer’s retirement policies. There shall be no changes to the two retirement plans (the grandfathered defined benefit plan for employees hired prior to July 31, 2002 and the Retirement Account Plan) through December 31,2015. Effective January 1, 2016, all employees shall participate in MultiCare’s Retirement Account Plan in accordance with the terms of the Plan. All grandfathered defined benefit plan participants will enter the Retirement Account Plan (RAP) at the 6% contribution level in 2016. The contribution will be no less than 6% through February 28, 2018. • Annuitization: A one-time election upon the employee’s retirement and only applies to grandfathered DB participants. • One extra year of service for DB participants if the employee meets 1,000 hours of service in 2016.
Retirement Plan. The purpose of this Article is to designate the retirement benefits that will be made available under the Monroe County Employee’s Retirement System Ordinance (“Retirement System”). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, a member’s accrued benefit earned as of December 31, 2013 (i.e. a frozen accrued benefit that is calculated based on final average compensation, years of credited service, the applicable multiplier and other relevant provisions in effect as of December, 2013), is not intended to be diminished or impaired by the changes set forth below. The changes set forth below shall apply with respect to accrued benefits earned under this Article and the Retirement System on or after January 1, 2014. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Retirement System and hereinunder, employees shall be eligible for normal retirement with pension amounts as follows:
Retirement Plan. The Medical Center shall continue to offer all eligible nurses a retirement plan which offers a level of benefits substantially equivalent to the current plan and consists of a non-contributory Base Plan, matching contributions from the Medical Center, and a tax sheltered annuity plan.
Retirement Plan. The 2.7% at 55 retirement plan will be available to eligible bargaining unit members covered by this Section 6.1.1.
Retirement Plan. Fellows are not eligible for the employer contribution in the MAHEC deferred contribution retirement plan; however, they may contribute on their own through payroll deduction.
Retirement Plan. Executive shall, upon termination of employment, be entitled to receive all benefits payable to the Executive under the MTS Systems Corporation Profit Sharing Retirement Plan and any other plan or agreement relating to retirement benefits.
Retirement Plan. The Employer shall provide during the term of this Agreement a retirement program. In the event the Employer modifies its current plan or provides an alternative plan(s), the Employer will bargain about the proposed plan changes with the Association prior to implementation. If no agreement can be reached, the provisions of Article 16 shall not apply for a period of thirty (30) days after impasse.