Pension Sample Clauses

Pension. The University is a participant in the Public Employees Retirement System and the Alternate Benefits Program. Eligibility for participation by employees and benefits are governed by statute and Rules and Regulations promulgated thereunder and administered exclusively by the New Jersey Division of Pensions. A written description of the PERS Program or Alternate Benefits Program can be obtained from the University's Benefits or local Human Resources Office.
Pension. A. It is agreed that all Employers employing employees within the geographic area covered by this Agreement shall contribute a sum, as listed in Schedule “A,” for each hour worked by all employees performing work covered by this Agreement regardless of union membership. Said contributions shall be made to the Western Washington Laborers-Employers Pension Fund in the manner as set forth in the Trust Agreement of the said Trust Fund. The details of the Pension Plan established by this Trust shall continue to be controlled and administered by a Joint Board of Trustees composed of equal representation from the Unions and the Chapters of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc., who are signatories to the Trust Agreement of the aforesaid Trust Fund. Each trustee appointed by the Union shall be a member of the Union, or a regular paid employee of the Union. Each trustee appointed for the Employer after June 1, 2003, shall be a member with assigned bargaining rights of an affiliated firm of the Chapters, that is making regular contributions on compensable hours to the Trust or a regular paid employee of the Chapters of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. The Trust Agreement, as amended, shall become a part of this Agreement. Contributions will be made on the same form as Health & Security payments.
Pension. Effective July 1, 2004, the Company agrees to provide the “Pension Choices” Plan as described in the Company booklets or other sources, and pension benefit plan documents for all employees of all Bargaining Units who are not currently participating in the Plan. The “Pension Choices” Plan described in the Company booklets or other sources shall be as more particularly described and set forth in the pension plan documents, which plans and policies shall be made available for inspection by the Union.
Pension. You are eligible to join the Company’s group personal pension scheme. Membership of and benefits under the scheme are strictly subject to the rules of the scheme as amended from time to time. The Company expressly reserves the right in its discretion to amend or terminate the pension scheme. The Company shall contribute to the Company’s pension scheme an amount equal to 10% of your Salary provided that you contribute 4% or more to that scheme, subject to the annual allowance set by HM Revenue & Customs from time to time not being exceeded. In the event that you exceed the annual allowance set by HM Revenue & Customs in any fiscal year or maximum lifetime allowance, the Company may, at your request, pay a pro-rata amount equal to 10% of your basic salary in lieu of a pension contribution to you as an allowance, subject to deduction of income tax and national insurance contributions, you certifying and, at the request of the Company, providing evidence satisfactory to the Company that you have exceeded such annual allowance for the applicable fiscal year or the maximum lifetime allowance and, if necessary, you opting out of auto enrolment. Any pension contribution or allowance shall be paid in equal monthly instalments in arrears.