Setting up Sample Clauses

Setting up. The seat, as mounted in the vehicle, shall be firmly secured to the test bench with the attachment parts provided by the manufacturer, so as to remain stationary when the impact is applied.
Setting up. The Partners agree to set up, within thirty (30) days after the approval of the PROJECT, a Project Managerial Board dedicated to manage the R&D phase of the Project. Participants of the Project Managerial Board are Partners involved in the performance of R&D tasks: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The Project Managerial Board definition and its related prerogatives detailed in entire Article 4, are applicable only for the development phase up to completion of Final Product.
Setting up. If there are no other functions on the day prior to your function it may be possible to set up on this day. This must be negotiated with the Secretary and cannot be done before 15h30.
Setting up your supply with us We can only start to supply you when we have successfully transferred your site(s) to us from your existing supplier. We will take all reasonable steps to complete your transfer to us: • on the date agreed with you; or • if no date has been agreed, within twenty-one (21) days starting from the day after you have entered into a contract with us. Your transfer could be delayed: • if your existing supplier objects to you changing supplier because you haven’t cancelled, or terminated your contract with them; • if your existing supplier objects to you changing supplier because you owe them money; • if we do not have all the information we need to complete the transfer, despite taking reasonable steps to obtain it; • your site(s) is part of an exempt distribution system; or • as a result of any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control which we have taken all reasonably practicable steps to resolve. We can cancel your contract if: • we haven’t been able to transfer your site(s) from your existing supplier(s) for reasons outside of our control; or • you provide us with false, incomplete and/or inaccurate information which we have used in assessment of your suitability for supply by us. If your transfer is delayed, or we cancel your contract for any of the reasons set out in this section 1.5, we will not be liable for any costs that you incur. We will also have the right to invoice you for our losses in relation to any gas we have purchased in anticipation of the supply to you, or any other costs we have incurred as a result of the delay. You must pay the invoice within ten (10) days of the date of the invoice.
Setting up. Setting-up for decorations and arrangements must not commence any earlier than the date and time of the Event reserved hours. Furniture and equipment must remain in its designated space unless prior written consent has been obtained from the VA. Other than items listed as Equipment included with Rental Rate, all kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, linens, podiums, electrical equipment and sound equipment are to be provided by the Facility User. The Facility User will be responsible for his/her "helpers" and will follow the decoration restrictions listed below:  Without exception, decorations shall not be nailed, thumb tacked, stapled nor shall adhesive tape be used on any surface. Masking tape is never allowed on woodwork, masonry walls, vinyl fabrics or painted surfaces.  Decorations, especially balloons and streamers, must be kept clear of the ceiling fans.  Open flames (candles, tiki torches, fire bowls, etc.), other than candles on cakes or pastries, are prohibited at the Swim Park’s property.
Setting up. The hirer is responsible for all setting up and packing up of the Centre. Should for any reason the Centre not be left in a clean and tidy condition then the Committee reserve the right to charge an appropriate clean up fee and deduct this fee from the Bond and/or Charge this fee on the next invoice.
Setting up supporting, operating, and maintaining data circuits and VoIP circuits(if applicable) as required We will work with the requesting agency to determine a requirements traceability matrix to clearly define our roles in setting up, supporting, operating, and maintaining data circuits and VoIP circuits. One scope has been defined, we will assist the agency with the requisite processesand actions to set up, support, operate, and maintain data/voice circuits.
Setting up. If there are no other functions on the day prior to your function it may be possible to set up on the previous day. This must be negotiated with the Clubhouse convenor. An additional fee of R500.00 per day will be levied.
Setting up. Regulations the Criteria of Service Level Agreement Regulations of the criteria of service level agreement are stated in the preparation phase. Figure 3.3 shows the service level agreement process. Communication from management again in term of approval on the regulations set up is needed, before it is sent to the service suppliers. The result of consideration of the criteria of service level agreement, should improve the performance of service suppliers and maximum margin by minimizing cost and reducing cost in the supply side by applying the service level agreement strategy. Therefore the regulations for implementation of the criteria service level agreement are set up as follows.
Setting up. Job Management‌ For your day-to-day work, you should now select the Job Management tab in order to enter designations for the parameters to be used in the job templates for user guidance and in reports. You can use the following basic settings for job management.