Definition of Common Area Maintenance Expenses

Common Area Maintenance Expenses means any and all expenses (other than the Tax and Insurance Costs described above) arising from the maintenance, repair, replacement and operation of, and modifications and improvements to comply with governmental mandate to, the Project's common areas and any portions of the Project for which Landlord is responsible hereunder (excluding only expenses associated with structural integrity of the roof, foundation, and exterior walls) including, but not limited to, management fees, utility expenses (if furnished by Landlord), wages and fringe benefits payable to employees of Landlord whose duties are connected with the operation and maintenance of the Project, amounts paid to contractors or subcontractors for work or services performed in connection with the operation and maintenance of the Project, including without limitation common areas and parking areas and roof, exterior wall and foundation work that is not related to structural integrity. Any capitalized expenditures included within the foregoing (together with reasonable finance charges) will be amortized for purposes of this Paragraph over the useful life of the improvement.
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Subsequent to the end of each Lease Year, Landlord shall furnish Tenant with a statement of the actual amount of Tenant's proportionate share of such Common Area Maintenance Expenses for such period which statement shall be in reasonable detail, provided, however, Landlord shall be permitted to describe areas of expenditure by category and shall not be obligated to enumerate each specific expenditure.
Prior to the proration of such Common Area Maintenance Expenses to Tenant, there shall be deducted from the total of such Common Area Maintenance Expenses any amounts specifically contributed by the Major Tenants toward such Common Area Maintenance Expenses.
Upon Tenant's written request therefore, but no more frequently than once per Lease Year, Landlord shall provide Tenant written evidence substantiating up to three (3) particular items included in Tenant's share of Common Area Maintenance Expenses.
All costs and expenses incurred by Landlord under this Section 6shall be included in Common Area Maintenance Expenses, other than costs and expenses for Landlord's correction of defects in Landlord's Work or other amount that may be excluded as Common Area Maintenance Expenses pursuant to a specific exclusion contained in Section 5.2 hereof.
Tenant's proportionate share of Common Area Maintenance Expenses from the Commencement Date through December 31, 2000 shall not exceed [***] per square foot of floor area in the Leased Premises per Lease Year (proportionately reduced for a partial Lease Year).