Operating Expenses definition

Operating Expenses means all costs and expenses incurred by the Company, as determined under GAAP, that in any way are related to the operation of the Company or to Company business, including fees paid to the Advisor, but excluding (i) the expenses of raising capital such as Organization and Offering Expenses, legal, audit, accounting, underwriting, brokerage, listing, registration, and other fees, printing and other such expenses and tax incurred in connection with the issuance, distribution, transfer, registration and Listing of the Shares, (ii) interest payments, (iii) taxes, (iv) non-cash expenditures such as depreciation, amortization and bad loan reserves, (v) incentive fees paid in compliance with Section IV.F. of the NASAA Guidelines and (vi) Acquisition Fees, Acquisition Expenses, real estate commissions on the resale of real property, and other expenses connected with the acquisition, disposition, and ownership of real estate interests, loans or other property (other than commissions on the sale of assets other than real property), such as the costs of foreclosure, insurance premiums, legal services, maintenance, repair and improvement of property.
Operating Expenses is defined to include all expenses necessary or appropriate for the operation of the Fund (or Class, as applicable), including the Advisor’s investment advisory or management fee detailed in the Investment Advisory Agreement and any Rule 12b-1 fees and other expenses described in the Investment Advisory Agreement, but does not include taxes, leverage interest, brokerage commissions, dividend and interest expenses on short sales, acquired fund fees and expenses (as determined in accordance with SEC Form N-1A), expenses incurred in connection with any merger or reorganization, or extraordinary expenses such as litigation expenses.
Operating Expenses means, as applicable all reasonable, actual costs and expense incurred by Landlord in connection with the ownership, operation, management and maintenance of the Specified Building Area, the Specified Project Area or the Specified Office Area, and related improvements located thereon (the “Improvements”, including, but not limited to, all commercially reasonable expenses incurred by Landlord as a result of Landlord’s compliance with any and all of its obligations under this Lease (or under similar leases with other tenants). In explanation of the foregoing, and not in limitation thereof, Operating Expenses shall include, as applicable: utilities, repair and maintenance of the Leased Premises, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler and other building system maintenance, (excluding roof and structural repair or replacement), all real and personal property taxes and assessments (whether general or special, known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen) and any tax or assessment levied or charged in lieu thereof, whether assessed against Landlord and/or Tenant and whether collected from Landlord and/or Tenant; snow removal, trash removal, Common Area (as defined in Section 8.01) utilities, cost of equipment or devices used to conserve or monitor energy consumption, supplies, insurance, license, permit and inspection fees, management fee equal to five percent (5%) of the Base Monthly Rent (the “Management Fee”), cost of services of independent contractors, cost of services of independent contractors, reasonable cost of compensation (including employment taxes and fringe benefits) of all persons who perform regular and recurring duties connected with day-to-day operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the Building, its equipment and the adjacent Common Areas (including, but not limited to janitorial, gardening, landscaping, security, parking, elevator, painting, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, carpentry, window washing, performing services not uniformly available to or performed for substantially all the Building tenants; and rental expense or a reasonable allowance for depreciation of personal property used in the maintenance, operation and repair of the Building. In addition to the foregoing to cover Landlord’s supervisory, an administrative fee shall be paid to Landlord equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the Specified Project Area Operating Expenses, the Specified Building Area Operating Expenses and the Specified Office Area Operating Expenses...

Examples of Operating Expenses in a sentence

  • During the Extension Term, Tenant shall pay to Landlord, as Additional Rent, Xxxxxx’s Share of Operating Expenses in accordance with the terms and provisions of Article 8 of the Lease.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, or anything to the contrary set forth in the Lease, Tenant shall be required to pay Tenant’s Share of Operating Expenses attributable to the 3560 Xxxxxxx Premises and all other Additional Rent due pursuant to the terms of the Lease during the Rent Abatement Period.

  • The Seller’s obligations pursuant to this Section 4.07 shall survive and continue notwithstanding the fact that the payment of Operating Expenses pursuant to Section 8.02(e) of the Indenture may be delayed (it being understood that the Seller may be required to advance its own funds to satisfy its obligations hereunder).

More Definitions of Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses shall include all costs to the Lessor of operating and maintaining the Premises, and shall include, without limitation, real estate and personal property taxes and assessments, management fee(s), heating, air conditioning, HVAC, electricity, water, waste disposal, sewage, operating materials and supplies, service agreements and charges, lawn care, snow removal, restriping, repairs, repaving, cleaning and custodial, security, insurance, the cost of contesting the validity or applicability of any governmental acts which may affect operating expenses, and all other direct operating costs of operating and maintaining the Premises and related parking areas, unless expressly excluded from operating expenses.
Operating Expenses means the total of all expenditures, computed in accordance with accounting principles reasonably acceptable to Lender, consistently applied, of whatever kind relating to the operation, maintenance and management of the Property that are incurred on a regular monthly or other periodic basis, including without limitation, utilities, ordinary repairs and maintenance, insurance, license fees, property taxes and assessments, advertising expenses, management fees, payroll and related taxes, computer processing charges, operational equipment or other lease payments as approved by Lender, and other similar costs, but excluding depreciation, Debt Service, Capital Expenditures and contributions to the Reserve Funds.
Operating Expenses means: all reasonable costs of management, operation and maintenance of the Building and the proportionate share of the Project, including without limitation, real and personal property taxes and assessments (and any tax levied in whole or in part in lieu of or in addition to real property taxes); wages, salaries and compensation of employees; consulting, accounting, legal (except as limited by subsections (iii)(8) and (iii)(9) below), janitorial, maintenance, guard, and other services; management fees and costs (charged by Landlord, any affiliate of Landlord, or any other entity managing the Building and determined at a rate consistent with prevailing market rates for comparable services and buildings); reasonable reserves for Operating Expenses; that part of office rent or rental value of space in the Building used or furnished by Landlord to enhance, manage, operate, and maintain the Building (provided, that, the square footage of such space is included in the rentable square footage of the Building); power, water, waste disposal, and other utilities; materials and supplies; landscaping; maintenance and repairs and other common area maintenance costs; costs of insurance obtained with respect to the Building; and any other costs (including costs of capital items which could by treated as capital expenditures under generally accepted accounting principals, except as limited by subsection(iii)(11) below), charges, and expenses which would be regarded as management, maintenance, and operating expenses.
Operating Expenses means, without limitation, the sum of all expenses, costs and disbursements of every kind and nature that Landlord pays or becomes obligated to pay in connection with owning, operating, managing, maintaining, insuring, repairing, policing, and securing the Building, the Property, the parking facilities, and the land upon which the Building is situated (the “Land”), including but not limited to: all management fees and office expenses; all costs and expenses of operating, maintaining, managing, repairing, lighting, signing, cleaning, painting, striping, policing and securing the Common Areas (including the cost of uniforms, equipment and employment taxes); alarm and life safety systems; all applicable sales and use taxes; expenses incurred for heat, cooling and other utilities; the cost of insuring the Property (including, but not limited to, liability insurance for personal injury, death and property damage, insurance against fire, all-risk coverage including earthquake and flood, theft or other casualties, worker’s compensation insurance or similar insurance covering personnel, fidelity bonds for personnel, insurance against liability for defamation and claims of false arrest occurring on or about the Property, structural insurance, plate glass insurance and rent-loss insurance); the cost of cleaning all exterior glass; removal of water, snow, ice, trash and debris; regulation of traffic; the cost of landscaping; the cost of janitorial and cleaning service, trash collection and recycling services, pest control; concierge, lobby, or security service (if any); salaries, wages and other personnel costs of engineers, superintendents, watchpersons, and all other employees of the Building, including any sales tax imposed upon their service; charges under maintenance and service contracts for elevators, chillers, boilers and controls; window cleaning; building and grounds maintenance; parking lot maintenance; management fees; permits and licenses; all maintenance, replacement and repair expenses and supplies including replacement maintenance and repair of the roof, awnings, paving, curbs, walkways, drainage, landscaping, pipes, ducts, conduits and similar items, signage for the Building, and lighting facilities; costs and expenses of planting, replanting and replacing flowers, shrubbery and planters; the cost of water services, if any, furnished by Landlord for the non-exclusive use of all tenants; costs (including finance charges) of improvements to the Buildin...
Operating Expenses means that part of any and all expenses reasonably and actually incurred by Landlord in connection with its ownership, maintenance and operation of the Building, the land upon which the Building is situate, excluding Real Estate Taxes and interest or amortization payments on any mortgage, but including, without limitation, electricity (other than as billed directly to tenants based on usage); insurance maintained on the Building in accordance herewith; all direct and indirect labor costs; a management fee for Landlord’s management of the relationships with contractors (other than the Association) providing yard and landscape maintenance, snow clearance and insurance required to be maintained hereunder if Landlord, upon request of Tenant, is able to place such insurance at more favorable premium rates than Tenant is able to obtain, which management fee shall not exceed four percent (4%) of the annual amount actually paid under such contracts (“Management Fee”); legal expenses; all repairs required to be performed by Landlord as provided for in this Lease; exterior, roof and structural decoration, repairs and maintenance; snow removal; building supplies; all charges for the exterior of the Building for electricity; the cost of operating an identification sign or signs for the Building; replacing of paving, curbs, walkways, directions or other signs; drainage; maintenance and monitoring of fire sprinkling systems (if any); the Building’s proportionate share of common expenses owed to the Eagleview Corporate Center Association or its successor or any other similar entity which owns and maintains the common areas of the Center (collectively, “Association”); and such other expenses as Landlord may deem necessary and proper in connection with the operation and maintenance of the exterior, roof and structure of the Building, excluding any costs which under generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) are capital expenditures; provided, however, that Operating Expenses shall also include the annual amortization (over the anticipated useful life established in accordance with GAAP) of a capital improvement falling within any of the following categories: (i) a labor saving device or improvement which is intended to reduce or eliminate any other component of Operating Expenses; (ii) an installation or improvement required by reason of any law, ordinance or regulation, which requirement did not exist on the date of this Lease and is generally applicable to similar...
Operating Expenses means all expenses, costs and amounts (other than Taxes) of every kind and nature which Landlord shall pay during any calendar year any portion of which occurs during the Term, because of or in connection with the ownership, management, repair, maintenance, restoration and operation of the Property, including without limitation, any amounts paid for: (a) utilities for the Property, including but not limited to electricity, power, gas, steam, oil or other fuel, water, sewer, lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilating, (b) permits, licenses and certificates necessary to operate, manage and lease the Property, (c) insurance applicable to the Property, not limited to the amount of coverage Landlord is required to provide under this Lease, (d) supplies, tools, equipment and materials used in the operation, repair and maintenance of the Property, (e) accounting, legal, inspection, consulting, concierge and other services, (f) any equipment rental (or installment equipment purchase or equipment financing agreements), or management agreements (including the cost of any management fee actually paid thereunder and the fair rental value of any office space provided thereunder, up to customary and reasonable amounts), (g) wages, salaries and other compensation and benefits (including the fair value of any parking privileges provided) for all persons engaged in the operation, maintenance or security of the Property, and employer's Social Security taxes, unemployment taxes or insurance, and any other taxes which may be levied on such wages, salaries, compensation and benefits, (h) payments under any easement, operating agreement, declaration, restrictive covenant, or instrument pertaining to the sharing of costs in any planned development, and (i) operation, repair, and maintenance of all Systems and Equipment and components thereof (including replacement of components), janitorial service, alarm and security service, window cleaning, trash removal, elevator maintenance, cleaning of walks, parking facilities and building walls, removal of ice and snow, replacement of wall and floor coverings, ceiling tiles and fixtures in lobbies, corridors, restrooms and other common or public areas or facilities, maintenance and replacement of shrubs, trees, grass, sod and other landscaped items, irrigation systems, drainage facilities, fences, curbs, and walkways, re-paving and re-striping parking facilities, and roof repairs. If the Property is not fully occupied during all...
Operating Expenses shall include: