Security Systems Sample Clauses

Security Systems. The Service may not be compatible with security systems. You may be required to maintain a telephone connection through your local exchange carrier in order to use any alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in your home or business. You are responsible for contacting the alarm monitoring company to test the compatibility of any alarm monitoring or security system with the Service.
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Security Systems. All existing or future surveillance systems, security systems and security monitoring will be the sole responsibility of the Park Board. The Association may not install any surveillance, security or monitoring systems or technology in the Jointly Operated Facilities or Common Spaces.
Security Systems. Metrichor Ltd. has implemented reasonable security systems and procedures designed to maintain the security and confidentiality of the Website and data, protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of the Website and data and protect against unauthorized access to or use of the Website or Data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Metrichor Ltd. cannot perfectly guard against the risk of intentional or inadvertent disclosure of data or Customer’s confidential information. When using the Website, information will be transmitted across a medium that is beyond Metrichor Ltd.’s control. Customer expressly assumes the sole risk of any unauthorized disclosure or intentional intrusion, or of any delay, failure, loss, misuse, interruption or corruption of data or other information in connection with Customer’s use of the Website.
Security Systems. The building has a security and access control system installed that would require connectivity to the BMS. For access control, Impro seems to be the preferred installer for the access control, systems. Most impro systems can be connected to the bms but remains the responsibility of the contractor to confirm this during detail design and installation. Fire Detection: There is a Fire Detection system installed in the building for the whole site. The main fire panel is a Ziton addressable fire panel that is not connected to a BMS system. Depending on the communication port fitted within the panel, an upgrade maybe required that a BMS interface card be installed for connectivity to the BMS. If the panel already has a TCP/IP port, then no upgrade is required. Server Room: There is a server room in this building already connected to a network. The BMS installation would run on the already existing network. UPS: There is a UPS installed in the server room. The UPS would have to be incorporated into the building management system. Geyser: Not installed. Ground Water Systems: There is a sump pump installed for the ground water. This pump would require connectivity to a BMS for water flooding monitoring and control. Building 10: This building does not have a BMS installed. The following equipment is installed: Mains Incomer The building is fed from the main substation located at Building 8. The mains circuit breaker is not BMS compatible and would require an upgrade for BMS compatibility. HVAC Systems: The HVAC system at building 10 consists mainly of split units installed in the offices known as (window shakers). These are mostly manufactured by Mitsubishi. They would require an upgrade for BMS connectivity. A heat pump was also observed during the site assessment. The HVAC equipment is currently not connected to a BMS system. Lifts: This building does not have a lift installed. Generator: This building is fed from the generator that is located at building 8. Lighting The lighting is mostly comprised of fluorescent type of light fittings, both surface and recess mounted. The light fittings would require replacement to have control switchgear that can be connected to a control panel that would be monitored by the BMS. Water Meter: The water meter is manufactured by Sensus and is fitted with a High Resolution Interface (HRI) pulse and data device that can be connected to a pulse data logger for connectivity to a BMS. The water meter usage is currently being monitore...
Security Systems. The building shall have a fully operable security system with card readers at stairwell, selected interior doors and all selected perimeter door monitoring and alarm annunciation.
Security Systems. Through its Equipment and Services, Xxxxxx offers security systems that feature wireless sensors and cellular wireless backhaul communication for signaling alarms to those responsible for responding to the specific alarm (“Responders”). Xxxxxx shall monitor your system twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. If a signal is received from the Equipment, Xxxxxx shall seek to create two-way voice communications by telephone with the “Responders” as designated on the Subscriber’s response information form. Panic Systems. Xxxxxx offers “Panic” alarms that circumvent dispatch verification calls and immediately dispatch Responders. Xxxxxx also offers Personal Alarm Pendants that Customer may wear; these allow Customer to make a “panic” call by pressing a button on the Pendant.
Security Systems. Any student identified as vandalizing or damaging exterior building doors or locks, bedroom doors or locks, windows or security screens, security alarm systems, turnstiles, emergency phones, or other portions of a security system will bear the cost of the repair to the item(s).
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Security Systems a. Perimeter security systems
Security Systems. If you have a centrally monitored security system, TVC will make reasonable efforts to wire the system to allow the operation of your existing security system; however, TVC cannot guarantee that any such system will be in complete operational order following the installation without a complete test to your central station. Therefore, it is strongly suggested and your obligation to contact your security system provider to inform them of a change in providers and to request a complete operational test of such system immediately following installation of the Voice Service. In addition, it is your responsibility to test your security system on a regular basis. In the event of power outage or network outage (whether unplanned or maintenance related) cable related Service, including any security system which uses the Voice Service to connect to central station monitoring, will not function. As set forth in Section 4, you may install an uninterruptible power system.
Security Systems. The Products may not be compatible with security systems that require an analog telephone line powered by the local central office. Client may be required to maintain a telephone connection through its local exchange carrier in order to use any alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in the business. Client is responsible for contacting the alarm monitoring company to test the compatibility of any alarm monitoring or security system with the Products.
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