Repair Costs definition

Repair Costs has the meaning given such term in Section 9.2(a).
Repair Costs has the meaning set forth in Section 8.5(b)(i).

Examples of Repair Costs in a sentence

  • Location of PropertyDescription of Property Other Federally Declared Disaster LossesAmount of Damage Insurance Reimbursement Repair Costs Federal Grants Received 16.

  • S8571 showing $23.7 billion for reset, including $14 billion in procurement; total funded also provided $4.9 billion for unfunded FY2006 requirement; see also DOD’s Report to Congress, Long-Term Equipment Repair Costs, September 2006.

  • In 2012, SCE estimated that SDG&E paid $27.0 million in total Incremental Inspection and Repair Costs, including SCE overheads and portions allocated to Base and Incremental O&M.

  • SDG&E recorded $141.6 million, including overheads paid to SCE, to its SONGSBA in 2012; $27.0 million, including overheads paid to SCE, was defined by SCE as Incremental Inspection and Repair Costs in Base and Incremental O&M.

  • If the Net Repair Costs incurred by Owner for all Repairs since the beginning of the Contract Year exceed Owner’s Repair Cost Obligation, then Owner shall provide a notice thereof (“Unplanned Repair Notice”) in the form attached as Schedule L-1 to CAISO.

More Definitions of Repair Costs

Repair Costs has the meaning set forth in Section 16.2.1.
Repair Costs is equal to only the reasonable and customary value of the actual labor, equipment, and material costs incurred by Customer to repair the Damage to Customer’s Facilities as supported by actual invoice and/or receipts for work completed by each repair contractor. This shall include reasonable and customary costs incurred by Customer’s in- house labor and third-party contractor(s), where an itemized breakdown for all parties included in the repair is submitted. Repair Costs specifically excludes, except where prohibited by law: administrative charges; third party administrative (“TPA”) fees; overhead charges; costs arising from betterment of plant (which shall include, among other things, any upgrade, improvement, reinforcement, enlargement, replacement or extension of Customer’s Facilities); invoice markups (whether percentage-based, fixed- amount, or otherwise-calculated ; costs arising out of collection actions, whether incurred by the Customer or collection agencies; any other costs or expenses excluded by Section 7 of this Contract or any other provision of this Contract. USIC reserves the right to dispute the reasonableness of any of Customer’s actual costs; in the event of such a dispute the parties shall attempt to resolve such dispute in accordance with Section 12.
Repair Costs means the cost to repair Damage to the Property. “Resale Affordable Price” is defined in Section 5.1.
Repair Costs has the meaning specified in Section 12.1.2.
Repair Costs has the meaning set forth in Section 8.07(b).
Repair Costs means the cost to repair Damage to the Property. (pp) “Resale Pricefor Owner is defined in Section 6.3.