Security Personnel definition

Security Personnel means an employee of the casino licensee or a supplier licensee who:
Security Personnel. ’ means any person registered as a security officer in terms of section 21 of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act, 2001 (Act No. 56 of 2001);

Examples of Security Personnel in a sentence

  • In addition, Security Personnel may direct any individual to leave the meeting when that person does not observe reasonable decorum, whether the person is at the microphone or at any other place in the meeting room.

  • DHS Instruction Handbook 121-01-007 Department of Homeland Security Personnel Suitability and Security Program establishes procedures, program responsibilities, minimum standards, and reporting protocols for the DHS Personnel Suitability and Security Program.

  • All Personnel must be cleared by the AOSC Security Personnel before performing any services under a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP.

  • The Security Personnel shall take appropriate action to preclude or minimize loss and render reports of all incidents, accidents, property damage, and maintain all records in connection with the duties and responsibilities of the security force.

  • During non-operational hours, the Security Personnel will check all doors to ensure that they are locked, inspect all areas by turning on a minimum number of lights, check for open windows, running or dripping water.

More Definitions of Security Personnel

Security Personnel means the personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force appointed by the Government of India under the Central Industrial Security Force Act, 1968 and Rules as amended from time to time and/or such other security personnel appointed/deployed by the company.
Security Personnel means security personnel deployed by the Central Government or appointed by any agency authorised by that Government to ensure security of civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.
Security Personnel. ’ means any person registered as a security officer in terms of 10
Security Personnel means special agents employed by a railroad or public utility to perform police functions: guards of armored car companies, watchmen, security guards and persons regularly employed in a commercial or industrial operation for the protection of persons employed by or property related to such commercial or industrial operation.
Security Personnel means persons engaged or employed by the Contractor to carry out the Security Services;
Security Personnel means any person(s) who perform(s) security related tasks on behalf of the Collective.