Rents and Other Income Sample Clauses

Rents and Other Income. Rents and any other amounts paid to Seller by tenants shall be prorated as of the Closing Date and be adjusted against the Purchase Price on the basis of a schedule which shall be prepared by Seller and delivered to Purchaser for Purchaser’s review and approval prior to Closing. Seller and Purchaser shall prorate all rents, additional rent, common area maintenance charges, operating expense contributions, tenant reimbursements and escalations, and all other payments under the Leases received as of the Closing Date so that at Closing Seller will receive monthly basic rent payments through the day prior to the Closing Date and so that Seller will receive reimbursement for all expenses paid by Seller through the day prior to the Closing Date for which Seller is entitled to reimbursement under the Leases (including, without limitation, Taxes) (such expenses shall be reasonably estimated if not ascertainable as of the Closing Date and then shall be re-adjusted as provided in subsection (g) below when actual amounts are determined), and so that the excess, if any, is credited to Purchaser. Purchaser agrees to pay to Seller, upon receipt, any rents or other payments by tenants under their respective Leases that apply to periods prior to Closing but which are received by Purchaser after Closing; provided, however, that any rents or other payments by tenants received by Purchaser after Closing shall be applied first to any current amounts then owed to Purchaser by such tenants, with the balance, if any, paid over to Seller to the extent of delinquencies existing on the date of Closing to which Seller is entitled. It is understood and agreed that Purchaser shall not be legally responsible to Seller for the collection of any rents or other charges payable with respect to the Leases or any portion thereof which are delinquent or past due as of the Closing Date; but Purchaser agrees that Purchaser shall send monthly notices for a period of three (3) consecutive months in an effort to collect any rents and charges not collected as of the Closing Date. Seller hereby retains its right to pursue any tenant under the Leases for sums due Seller for periods attributable to Seller’s ownership of the Property. The provisions of this Section 5.4(c) shall survive the Closing.
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Rents and Other Income. All rents and other revenue and income shall be prorated to the Closing Date. All deposits shall be transferred to Purchaser at Closing.
Rents and Other Income. All rents, issues, profits, royalties, income, revenues, and other benefits derived from the Property or from the business located thereon or operated with respect thereto (collectively the "Rents"), subject to the right, power, and authority hereinafter given to Mortgagor to collect and apply Rents;
Rents and Other Income. Any prepaid rents applicable to dates from and after the Closing Date shall be paid to Buyer at Closing.
Rents and Other Income 

Related to Rents and Other Income

  • Adjustments and Other Rights The Exercise Price and the Warrant Share Number shall be subject to adjustment from time to time as follows; provided that if more than one subsection of this Section 12 is applicable to a single event, the subsection shall be applied that produces the largest adjustment and no single event shall cause an adjustment under more than one subsection of this Section 12 so as to result in duplication:

  • Taxes and Other Payments 7.1. Unless otherwise specifically provided for in this Agreement, the Company shall not be liable for the payment of taxes or other payments for which the Employee is responsible as result of this Agreement or any other legal provision, and the Employee shall be personally liable for such taxes and other payments.

  • Expenses and Other Payments (a) Except as otherwise provided in this Section 8.3, each party shall pay its own expenses incident to preparing for, entering into and carrying out this Agreement and the consummation of the Transactions, whether or not the Merger shall be consummated.

  • Taxes and other Amounts The Servicer will use its best efforts to collect all payments with respect to amounts due for Taxes, assessments and insurance premiums relating to each Loan Asset to the extent required to be paid to the Borrower for such application under the applicable Loan Agreement and remit such amounts to the appropriate Governmental Authority or insurer as required by the Loan Agreements.

  • Agreements and Other Documents As of the Closing Date, each Credit Party has provided to Agent or its counsel, on behalf of Lenders, accurate and complete copies (or summaries) of all of the following agreements or documents to which it is subject and each of which is listed in Schedule 5.17: supply agreements and purchase agreements not terminable by such Credit Party within sixty (60) days following written notice issued by such Credit Party and involving transactions in excess of $1,000,000 per annum; leases of Equipment having a remaining term of one year or longer and requiring aggregate rental and other payments in excess of $500,000 per annum; licenses and permits held by the Credit Parties, the absence of which could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect; instruments and documents evidencing any Indebtedness or Guaranteed Indebtedness of such Credit Party and any Lien granted by such Credit Party with respect thereto; and instruments and agreements evidencing the issuance of any equity securities, warrants, rights or options to purchase equity securities of such Credit Party.

  • Administrative and Other Fees The Borrower agrees to pay the administrative and other fees of the Administrative Agent as provided in the Fee Letter and as may be otherwise agreed to in writing from time to time by the Borrower and the Administrative Agent.

  • Improper and Other Payments (a) Neither the Company, any director, officer, employee thereof, nor any agent or representative of the Company nor any person acting on behalf of any of them, has made, paid or received any unlawful bribes, kickbacks or other similar payments to or from any person or authority, (b) no contributions have been made, directly or indirectly, by the Company to a domestic or foreign political party or candidate; and (c) the internal accounting controls of the Company are believed by the Company’s management to be adequate to detect any of the foregoing under current circumstances.

  • Administrative Agent’s and Other Fees In order to compensate the Administrative Agent for its obligations hereunder, the Borrower agrees to pay to the Administrative Agent, for its account, the fees set forth in the separate fee letter agreement executed by the Borrower and the Administrative Agent dated April 26, 2005.

  • TAXES AND OTHER LIABILITIES Pay and discharge when due any and all indebtedness, obligations, assessments and taxes, both real or personal, including without limitation federal and state income taxes and state and local property taxes and assessments, except such (a) as Borrower may in good faith contest or as to which a bona fide dispute may arise, and (b) for which Borrower has made provision, to Bank's satisfaction, for eventual payment thereof in the event Borrower is obligated to make such payment.

  • Taxes and Other Liens Each Related Person shall pay and discharge promptly all taxes, assessments and governmental charges or levies imposed upon it or upon its income or upon any of its Property as well as all claims of any kind (including claims for labor, materials, supplies and rent) which, if unpaid, might become a Lien upon any or all of its Property; provided, however, each Related Person shall not be required to pay any such tax, assessment, charge, levy or claim if the amount, applicability or validity thereof shall currently be contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings diligently conducted by or on behalf of such Related Person and if such Related Person shall have set up reserves therefor adequate under GAAP.

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