Definition of Employment Taxes

Employment Taxes means all fees, Taxes, social insurance payments or similar contributions to a fund of a Governmental Authority with respect to wages or other compensation of an Employee or Service Provider.

Examples of Employment Taxes in a sentence

Employment Taxes shall be allocated as provided in the Employee Matters Agreement.
Liability for Employment Taxes shall be determined pursuant to the Employee Matters Agreement.
Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, this Agreement, including Section 2 hereof, shall not apply with respect to Employment Taxes.
The Company intends that Employee will be treated as an employee of the Company and that the Company and Employee will pay on the wages paid to Employee hereunder their respective shares of taxes under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act for old-age, survivors and disability insurance and hospital insurance and the Company will pay taxes under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act ("Employment Taxes").
The Company may refuse to issue or deliver Shares or the proceeds of the sale of Shares to the Participant if the Participant fails to comply with Participant's obligation in connection with the Tax-Related Items and/or Employment Taxes.