The Lease Term Sample Clauses

The Lease Term. – a term of 72 months, commencing immediately upon the transfer of possession of the Leased Premises to the Lessee.
The Lease Term. The Lease Term shall start on 25/12/2008 and up until 24/01/2013 (hereinafter: “the Lease Term”). Without derogating from the above, the SubLessee shall have the right to begin the Adaptation Works listed in section 15 prior to the Lease Period, subject to Clal’s approval.
The Lease Term. Commencement Date and Termination Date are to be determined in accordance with subsection I.A.4. above. Promptly after the determination of the Commencement Date, Landlord and Tenant shall enter into a letter agreement (the Commencement Letters) on the form attached hereto as Exhibit C setting forth the Commencement Date, the Termination Date and any other dates that are affected by the adjustment of the Commencement Date. Tenant, within seven (7) days after receipt thereof from Landlord, shall execute the Commencement Letter and return the same to Landlord.
The Lease Term. Commencement Date and Termination Date have been determined in accordance with subsection I.A.4. above.
The Lease Term. In the event Landlord elects to hold Tenant liable for the Annual Base Rent, additional rent and all other items of cost and expenses including, without limitation, brokers' and attorneys' fees (the "DEFAULT AMOUNT") at the time of reletting of the Premises or if Landlord is unable to relet the Premises at the time this Lease is terminated pursuant to this Article XVIII, then Tenant shall pay to Landlord (i) the Default Amount minus (ii) any Annual Base Rent, additional rent and other sums which Tenant proves by a preponderance of the evidence would be received by Landlord upon commercially reasonable efforts to relet the Premises through the expiration of the scheduled Lease Term. The Default Amount shall be discounted at a rate equal to the then current "Prime Rate" as published in the Money Rates section of The Wall Street Journal and such amount shall be payable to Landlord in a lump sum on demand, it being understood that upon payment of such liquidated and agreed upon final damages. Tenant shall be released from further liability under this Lease with respect to the period after the date of such payment and, that if Tenant fails to pay such amount to Landlord within five (5) days thereafter, Landlord may bring suit to collect any such damages at any time after an Event of Default shall have occurred. In the event Landlord relets the Premises together with other premises or for a term extending beyond the scheduled expiration of the Lease Term, it is understood that Tenant will not be entitled to apply any Annual Base Rent, additional rent or other sums generated or projected to be generated by either such other premises or in the period extending beyond the scheduled Lease Term (collectively, the "EXTRA RENT") against Landlord's damages. Similarly in proving the amount that would be received by Landlord upon a reletting of the Premises set forth in clause (ii) above, Tenant shall not take into account the Extra Rent. Nothing h rein shall be construed to affect or to prejudice Landlord's right to prove and claim in full unpaid rent accrued prior to termination of this Lease and Tenant's vacating the Premises. If Landlord is entitled or Tenant is required pursuant to any provision hereof to take any action upon the termination of the Lease Term, then Landlord shall be entitled and Tenant shall be required to take such action also upon the termination of Tenant's right of possession.
The Lease Term is for a period of time commencing at 12:01 a.m. on the Commencement Date, or on such later date as is provided in subparagraph (c) below, and continuing thereafter through and until 6:00 p.m. on the Expiration Date.
The Lease Term