MANAGING AGENT. The Seller will be entitled to appoint the first Managing Agent, which appointment shall be valid and binding on the Body Corporate for a period of 1 (one) year after the date of the first annual general meeting of the Body Corporate, provided that such appointment complies with section 6(2) of the Rules. Insofar as it may be necessary, the Purchaser hereby grants the Seller the irrevocable power to make such appointment.
MANAGING AGENT. 13.1 The Seller shall be entitled to appoint the first managing agent as provided for in the Rules of the Body Corporate which appointment shall be valid and binding on the Body Corporate for one year after the first general meeting of the Body Corporate.
MANAGING AGENT. Landlord has advised Tenant that it has appointed MillsServices Corp., a Delaware corporation, as managing agent of the Retail Development (said managing agent and any successor or substitute managing agent is hereinafter referred to as "Managing Agent"). Tenant shall, until otherwise notified by Landlord, make all payments of Rent required to be made pursuant to this Lease to the Managing Agent payable to Landlord and direct all notices, inquires or other communications to the Managing Agent, 1300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 400, Arlington, Virginia 22209.
MANAGING AGENT. The Seller shall appoint a managing agent for the Scheme for a period of at least 1 (one) year after the date of establishment of the Body Corporate. The Purchaser hereby grants the Seller the irrevocable power and authority to appoint the managing agent of the Scheme for such aforementioned period.
MANAGING AGENT. The Board of Directors may employ for the Association a management agent (Managing Agent) who shall have and exercise all of the powers granted to the Board of Directors by the Declaration and Bylaws.
MANAGING AGENT. It is hereby agreed that the developer or its nominee shall be entitled to manage the affairs of the HOA's and the Body Corporate during the development period and for a period of up to 5 years after completion of the development.
MANAGING AGENT. The Seller may appoint and delegate any or all of its powers and duties in the management of the development to a managing agent of its choice, for a maximum period of 1 (ONE) year from the date of the opening of the Sectional Title Register. This managing agent shall be entitled to exercise all such powers as the Seller may determine. Nothing in this clause shall, however, be interpreted to relieve the Seller of any of its obligations to the Purchaser as set out in this agreement.
MANAGING AGENT. 16.1 The parties undertake to exercise their best endeavours (which shall include but not be limited to the obligation to vote in favour of any requisite resolution) to procure that a managing agent shall be appointed as manager of the body corporate from time to time at such remuneration as may be agreed by the managing agent and the body corporate.
MANAGING AGENT. Until the body corporate is established the seller is entitled to recover from the purchaser expenses incurred by himself on behalf of the units relating to insurance, municipal services and where applicable other management expenses relating to the development, as more fully set out in paragraph 11.4.1 hereunder. . The seller may appoint a managing agent prior to and for the 1st 3 (three) years following the opening of the sectional title development, in order to ensure continuity; as well as appoint an Operator for the Hospitality Centre, to whom the seller can delegate all his powers and duties. The said appointment, to be ratified at the first General Meeting of the Body Corporate. The seller stays liable to ensure that the obligations imposed on him by the Act and this contract is fulfilled