Water Services Sample Clauses

Water Services. The Company must progressively provide reticulated water facilities within the Development Area and connection to the existing water reticulation system as may be required by the Water Authority of Western Australia. The Company must provide, or pay the Water Authority of Western Australia for the provision of (at the Water Authority of Western Australia’s option), all reticulation mains. Distribution mains connecting to the Water Authority of Western Australia’s existing system must be provided in accordance with the Water Authority of Western Australia’s policy and standards.
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Water Services. The Owner, at its own expense, shall supply, construct or install all water connections necessary to supply water to the site all in accordance with the Engineering Data. No such work shall be carried out until the Engineering Data has been approved by the Town. Remote registry water meters shall be installed as specified by the Town. All costs of connecting water services to existing services shall be borne by the Owner.
Water Services. 1. the supply of water through the Public Water Supply System where the supply is Metered (including provision of the SW Metering Operations and Services specified in Clause 6.2);
Water Services. 5.1. Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the Owner shall submit servicing plans for approval and, at its own expense, construct such water distribution systems as may be required to service the approved development.
Water Services. The Town of Pincher Creek and the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 independently provide the following services to their residents:
Water Services. 1. The City shall supply Xxxxxx Springs water to the Consumer via Spring Creek when requested (Monday through Friday) subject to the availability of water at Xxxxxx Springs and the delivery system being operable. The City will keep a log of the pump running times and will estimate the quantity of water delivered based on an estimated pump rate.
Water Services. 4.1 – Operation, Maintenance, Repair and ReplacementPublic Water Supply System
Water Services. A. In all new developments where water lines are being installed, the Developer shall install all water taps with service saddle and tap, corporation stop, service line, curb stop, and meter box with setter in accordance with the specifications and standard details. In this situation, the Van Buren Municipal Utilities will waive the water tap fee and require only a meter set (installation) fee from the Developer or property owner at the activation of the individual water service.
Water Services. The Owner further agrees to construct and install water services in accordance with the design, location and specifications of the Director of Infrastructure Services.
Water Services. 1 Provide PAPs with enough and reliable water for both humans and livestock at RAPLand.