Definition of Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance means activities required to undertake preventive maintenance of all assets existing or proposed to be installed under the Contract;

Examples of Planned Maintenance in a sentence

The "Unavailability" does NOT include the "Planned Maintenance" downtime as defined under SLA-3 and SLA-4.
Small Power Producing Facility Planned Maintenance: Annually the customer shall supply the Company with a schedule of all planned outages for the year in question.
Planned Maintenance The table below shows the amount of planned maintenance capitalized and expensed, excluding CE Gen: Year ended Dec.
EAN Network shall endeavor to provide Asia Netcom with notice of any Planned Maintenance in accordance with Article 7 of this Agreement.
The Power Producer shall provide the Company with at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of its intent to perform a Planned Maintenance of the Facility, including turbine, generator, and boiler overhauls or inspections, testing, and nuclear refueling.