Work Plan Sample Clauses

Work Plan. Work Plans shall describe individual goals and the collaborative work that will be done to achieve those goals. Goals, responsibilities and timelines will be clearly stated for the service provider and the individual receiving services. An initial Work Plan for each individual will be developed and submitted to the County within 60 days of the date of the County Service Authorization. The Contractor agrees to send a representative to the annual Individual Service Plan (ISP) meeting as scheduled by the state DDD case manager for each client in service.
Work Plan. Prior to performing any work necessary under this Agreement, Licensee shall present a map and written proposal describing the work to be performed and the facilities, methods and materials (if any) to be installed (“Work Plan”) to the City for review and will not perform any work until it has received City Authorization of the Work Plan. The City shall process the Work Plan within thirty (30) days of receipt. In addition, prior to conducting any work in the Public Rights-of-Way, Licensee shall provide to the City a current emergency response plan identifying staff who have authority to resolve, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, problems or complaints resulting, directly or indirectly, from the DAS/Small Cell Network installed pursuant to this Agreement. As soon as is reasonably practical following installation of the DAS/Small Cell Network, Licensee shall deliver as-built drawings to City.
Work Plan. Within thirty (30) days of BUSA’s admission as a Member of the Company, the Members shall establish the Work Plan for the remainder of calendar year 2012. Prior to the first day of each calendar year thereafter, the Members shall establish the Work Plan for such following calendar year. The Work Plan shall, among other things, set forth the services to be provided by the Members to the Company for the applicable year and any compensation to be provided by the Company in exchange therefore. The Work Plan shall be deemed established on the date it receives approval from a the Management Committee in accordance with Section 5.7(b).
Work Plan. The Government will develop, adopt and implement a work plan, in form and substance satisfactory to MCC, for the overall administration of the Program (the “Work Plan”). In addition, the Government will develop, adopt and implement such other work plans relating to the Projects and/or Activities as MCC may request from time to time.
Work Plan. Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a work plan (the “Work Plan”) setting forth, among other things, (i) the research and development tasks and activities to be performed by Ipsen (including timelines for the performance thereof), (ii) the FTEs or contractors to be * Confidential Treatment Requested by the Registrant. Redacted Portion Filed Separately with the Commission. employed by Ipsen to accomplish such research and development tasks and activities within such timelines, and (iii) the estimated budget associated with such research tasks and activities. The Work Plan (or any portion thereof) may be amended or modified at any time and from time to time by mutual written agreement of Radius and Ipsen.
Work Plan. 7.2.1 The Work Plan will initially be included in Appendix G. Contractor must produce and provide to the Department an update to the Work Plan as a Deliverable with input from the Department within 30 Days of the Effective Date. The Work Plan must provide detailed information, in a Microsoft Project (Version 2013 or later) document, including tasks, Deliverables, milestones, Schedule, tasks and task dependencies, identification of resource requirements, and the Payment Schedule. The Work Plan will be inclusive of the mutual expectations and work to be performed by the Department and Contractor in order to complete the Project successfully. In the event of failure of the parties to agree upon the update to the Work Plan and/or of the Department to give its Acceptance thereof within 45 Days of the Effective Date, the Department may invoke its right to immediately terminate this Contract, and, in the Department’s discretion, pursue negotiations with an alternative vendor.
Work Plan. Within thirty (30) days of designation of a Target as a Lilly Target in accordance with Section 3.1.3(a), (1) the JSC will convene and determine the Critical Success Factors for the Project directed to such Lilly Target, and (2) AbCellera will generate the Work Plan for the Project directed to such Lilly Target, which Work Plan shall include reagents, assays, immunization strategies, screening approach, and expression and characterization activities appropriate to meet the relevant Critical Success Factors; provided that (A) AbCellera will take into consideration in good faith any input given by Lilly in generating such Work Plan, and (B) such Work Plan shall be subject to the JSC’s approval.