Contractor must Sample Clauses

Contractor must. 1. Cover all fees related to labor, courier services, materials (coolers, sample containers (cubitainers), jars, sample bottles, etc.), special equipment and permits (where applicable) needed to provide analytical services.
Contractor must. 1. Be a qualified analytical laboratory, meeting requirements for certification by the California Department of Health Services Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP).
Contractor must. (a) provide insurance certificates to the State’s Contract Administrator, containing the Contract number, at Contract formation and within twenty
Contractor must a. Submit an accurate sales report weekly to County at that same time payment is made.
Contractor must not perform any work under this SOW before receiving a copy of the SOW signed by both parties.
Contractor must a. Ensure delivery to the Laboratory is received by the Laboratory personnel according to the specifics in Section 2, Required Service Hours (same day, next day, weekend, or disaster response as defined by service area).
Contractor must. 2.1 Provide financial analysis and financial data management and modeling services as outlined in this Statement of Work and in Attachment I -
Contractor must notify the Purchasing Department in writing thirty days in advance of any changes in the services required in the contract. Any changes made without the approval of the Purchasing Department during the term of this contract will constitute default and will result in invoking General Condition 4.
Contractor must in connection with the Services or facilities used for the Services - give Pfizer prompt written notice of any material non-compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety laws that pose a significant threat to the environment, health or safety.