Service Plan Sample Clauses

Service Plan. One of the service plans, as they may be, which may be updated from time to time and will be detailed on the website.
Service Plan. 2.1 FUP Unlimited Data Plan is only available to Customer who has subscribed to a designated “5GB or above data usagemonthly service plan (“Specified Service Plan”). It cannot be used in conjunction with Multi-SIM Monthly Plan and Tag-On SIM Plan
Service Plan. Plan Agreement Period (whichever occurs first) Service (whichever occurs first) Purchase Price (Inclusive of VAT) Ranger Service
Service Plan. 2.2.1 The Customer shall use the Service for the period specified in the Sales and Services Agreement ("Term"). The Term shall start from the service effective date.
Service Plan. 1. Services provided will be designed to assure that the person(s) attain(s) the goals specified in the person’s service plan. The responsible county agency shall prepare a service plan and provide the Contractor with a copy of the plan no later than thirty (30) days after services have commenced. The Contractor shall assist the Agency in developing the service plan as requested by the Agency.
Service Plan. Construction Manager shall submit to Owner Parties for review, within fifteen (15) Days of the Effective Date, its Project service plan. The service plan shall clearly communicate to Owner Parties Construction Manager’s Project management plan including Project staffing and a Work Plan, all as set forth below.‌
Service Plan. 2.1 Add-on data SIM or add-on data SIM (For USB modem) (“Multi-SIM 4G / 3G Plans Service”) is only applicable to Customer who subscribes to a designated “unlimited data usage up to 5GB” monthly service plan (“Specified Service Plan”), including
Service Plan. The Contractor’s developed plan that addresses the services that will be provided to a child to meet the child’s specific needs while placed in the Contractor’s care.
Service Plan. 2.1 The Service is only available to customers who have subscribed the Company’s mobile telephone services.