Service Plan Sample Clauses

Service Plan. One of the service plans, as they may be, which may be updated from time to time and will be detailed on the website.
Service Plan. Plan Agreement Period (whichever occurs first) Service (whichever occurs first) Purchase Price (Inclusive of VAT) Ranger Service
Service Plan. In accordance with 42 CFR § 441.301(b)(1)(i), a participant-centered service plan of care must be developed for each participant. All waiver services must be furnished pursuant to the service plan, according to the projected frequency and type of provider. The service plan must also describe the other services, regardless of the funding source, and the informal supports that complement waiver services in meeting the needs of the participant. The service plan is subject to the approval of the HHSC. Federal financial participation (FFP) may not be claimed for waiver services furnished prior to the development of the service plan or for services that are not included in the service plan. The State will use an electronic process for submission and approval of most individual service plans. Service plans for individuals turning 21, outside the cost ceiling, and the 217-Like Group will remain a manual process.
Service Plan. Construction Manager shall submit to Owner Parties for review, within fifteen (15) Days of the Effective Date, its Project service plan. The service plan shall clearly communicate to Owner Parties Construction Manager’s Project management plan including Project staffing and a Work Plan, all as set forth below.‌
Service Plan. 1. Services provided will be designed to assure that the person(s) attain(s) the goals specified in the person’s service plan. The responsible county agency shall prepare a service plan and provide the Contractor with a copy of the plan no later than thirty (30) days after services have commenced. The Contractor shall assist the Agency in developing the service plan as requested by the Agency.
Service Plan a) This Agreement shall commence on the Commencement Date and shall endure for the Contract Period, subject to the provisions of clause 13, where after it shall continue indefinitely unless substituted by another Subscriber Service Agreement in respect of the Services or terminated by either party giving to the other not less than 30 (thirty) days written notice of termination; provided that should the License be suspended or terminated by CRAN or any other lawful authority, MTC may cancel this Agreement without notice, and/or suspend the Services until such time as the License has been reinstated.
Service Plan. 2.1 The Service is only available to customers who have subscribed the Company’s mobile telephone services.
Service Plan. 2.2.1 The Customer shall use the Service for the period specified in the Sales and Services Agreement ("Term"). The Term shall start from the service effective date.
Service Plan. Service Plan information for Sage products is posted by Sage from links appearing at (or a successor website for the Service Plan information) and related web pages that describe the Service Plan features for the Program You license or the subscription You purchase.
Service Plan. The Clean Air Express service provided by AGENCY shall be based on the schedule in effect on October 1, 2012, attached as Exhibit B. To maintain compliance with the Public Fleet Rule, all service expansions or reductions must be approved in writing by SBCAG. In consultation with the Cities of Santa Maria, Buellton, and Solvang, AGENCY and SBCAG staff shall coordinate any service adjustments or revisions to meet demand and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.