Data Sharing Sample Clauses

Data Sharing. Life Technologies and Biocept have entered into this Agreement to, among other things, establish individual databases of results from the Tests performed, which databases will include patient information such as demographic, disease characterization, treatment and outcome information. To that end, to the extent permitted by applicable law and as mutually agreed by the parties, where available each party will share all patient data, Test data and results, and corresponding tissue data with the other party, as well as any follow up or outcome data that may become available or provided by the physician or patient for Tests performed and will cooperate in good faith with the other party to agree upon procedures for sharing such information. Such information may be used only for longitudinal reporting, outcomes correlation and related research, shall be handled in accordance with all applicable Laws, including, without limitation, HIPAA, and applicable institutional review board guidelines, and shall not be used for the purpose of obtaining information about the other partys clients or customers. To the extent feasible, all such information will be properly de-identified.

Data Sharing. Emisphere shall provide to Novartis within one month of its generation or sooner if reasonably requested by Novartis, copies of all data generated by Emisphere relating to or intended to support any Approval Application for the Product or any Product Improvement in the Territory (including information related to GMP, GLP and/or GCP compliance, and health, safety and environmental data concerning manufacturing plants, in each case to the extent related to the Product). Such data, filings and other information in respect of a Programme Carrier, Product and the Formulations as provided by Emisphere pursuant to this Article shall be treated by the Parties as Confidential Information belonging to Emisphere in accordance with Article 13.

Data Sharing. Each Party shall promptly provide to the other Party copies of or access to, all Regulatory Data and Regulatory Documentation, when and as such Regulatory Data and Regulatory Documentation becomes reasonably available. Each Party shall have the right to use such Regulatory Data and Regulatory Documentation for all purposes in exercising its rights or fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement, whether or not such Party participated in or funded the activities in the course of which such data and results are generated, including expressly the right of any Party Developing a Unilateral Product to use all such Regulatory Data and Regulatory Documentation for submission to any Regulatory Authorities in the applicable Royalty Region, for no additional consideration other than the royalties owed thereon under Article 11.

Data Sharing. Futurebiotics, LLC shall provide Colloral with copies of all relevant technical reports and other compilations of data or information relating to the Product and any Improvements, including, without limitation, reports or compilations of laboratory tests, clinical tests, stability test and consumer market research, promptly following their creation by Futurebiotics, LLC or Futurebiotics, LLCs receipt thereof from third parties. Colloral shall own its copies of such reports and compilations.

Data Sharing. In addition to the adverse event and safety report reporting obligations under Section 5.7 below, each Party shall promptly provide the other Party with copies of all material Data and results generated from its (including its Affiliates', [***] INDICATES MATERIAL THAT WAS OMITTED AND FOR WHICH CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT WAS REQUESTED. ALL SUCH OMITTED MATERIAL WAS FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO RULE 24b-2 PROMULGATED UNDER THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934, AS AMENDED. licensees' and sublicensees') Development of the Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products in its Territory to the extent necessary for the Development of the Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products in the other Party's Territory.

Data Sharing. Without limiting Section 3.7, each Party shall provide to the other Party on an on-going basis all Data and Know-How, including Development Data, generated by or on behalf of such Party in connection with the Development Program and/or manufacturing of Product for Commercialization in the United States, to the extent such Data and/or Know-How are reasonably useful to Develop and/or manufacture Product. In addition, Array shall provide to Oncothyreon on an on-going basis all Data and Know-How generated by or on behalf of Array in connection with the ROW Development and/or manufacturing of Product outside of the United States by or on behalf of Array and, to the extent Array or its Affiliates have access to such Data and Know-How, by its Sublicensees, it being understood that Array shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to obtain such access from its Sublicensees.

Data Sharing. BIOSANTE and PERMATEC agree to provide one another immediate, full and free access to the clinical data and results generated by or on behalf

Data Sharing. The parties agree to share data related to the research, development and commercialization of the VACCINE, to the extent allowable by a governing regulatory body or government authority, and consistent with all applicable laws and the provisions of Section 7 hereof.

Data Sharing. The Parties agree to meet, at a mutually agreeable location, at least semiannually in order to share data, including reserve reports, and other technical information related to the operation of the Oil and Gas Properties, provided neither Party shall be obligated to violate any agreement of confidentiality or pay any material amounts to Non-Parties, in order to fulfill the foregoing obligation, and provided further, the foregoing obligation shall apply only to the extent the Parties own an interest in the oil and gas leases, wells and other assets described herein.

Data Sharing. COMPANY agrees that at the end of its evaluation hereunder, it will provide to DUKE a written summary report of all its findings about the INVENTION and/or Patent Rights.