Finances Sample Clauses

Finances. (1)(a) The Union shall have a budget.
Finances. 1. Each Member of the Commission undertakes to contribute annually its share of the autonomous budget in accordance with a scale of contributions to be adopted by the Commission.
Finances. The Provider shall be responsible for the following costs and expenses associated with providing the services under this Agreement: Provider is responsible for paying his/her own withholding taxes, all other employment related taxes or costs and all travel and other expenses incurred by Provider in the delivery of services hereunder.
Finances. (1) (a) The Special Union shall have a budget.
Finances. A. Indebtedness, Including Capital Debt The New Union District shall assume all indebtedness that may exist on June 30, 2019, including capital debt and including both principal and interest, of the Forming Districts.
Finances. As far as Contracting Parties are concerned, the finances of the Union shall be governed by the same provisions as those contained in Article 12 of the Madrid (Stockholm) Agreement, provided that any reference to Article 8 of the said Agreement shall be deemed to be a reference to Article 8 of this Protocol. Furthermore, for the purposes of Article 12(6)(b) of the said Agreement, Contracting Organizations shall, subject to a unanimous decision to the contrary by the Assembly, be considered to belong to contribution class I (one) under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. (continued on page 54) (continued on page 57) PROTOCOL 55