Schedule 1 Sample Clauses

Schedule 1. Schedule 1 to Amended Lease No. 1 is deleted in its entirety and replaced with Schedule 1 attached hereto.
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Schedule 1 may be amended from time to time with the written consent of the Company and the Dealer Manager. However, the addition or removal of Registration Statements from Schedule 1 shall only apply prospectively and shall not affect the respective agreements, representations and warranties of the Company and the Dealer Manager prior to such amendments to Schedule 1. For the avoidance of doubt, the parties acknowledge and agree that, upon the removal of a Registration Statement from Schedule 1, the representations, warranties and covenants in Sections 1 and 2 shall no longer continue to be made with respect to the Offering, the Shares or the Prospectus relating to such Registration Statement.
Schedule 1. Schedule 1 to this Amendment No. 10 is and will be an accurate and complete listing of all Dealer Agreements and Loans in all material respects and all Contracts securing such Loans on the date each such Dealer Agreement, Contract and Loan was added to Schedule 1, and the information contained therein with respect to the identity of such Dealer Agreements and Loans and all Contracts securing such Loans and the Outstanding Balances thereunder and under the related Contracts is and will be true and correct in all material respects as of each such date.
Schedule 1 to the Credit Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety in the form of Schedule 1 hereto.
Schedule 1 to this Agreement is true and correct and complete in all material respects. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing: (i) except as set forth on Schedule 1, all the Pledged Interests are in certificated form, and, except to the extent registered in the name of Secured Party or its nominee pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, are registered in the name of Pledgor; and (ii) the Pledged Interests as to each of the Issuers constitute at least the percentage of all the fully diluted issued and outstanding Equity Interests of such Issuer as set forth in Schedule 1 to this Agreement.
Schedule 1. Basic Salary: HK$480,000 per annum SCHEDULE 2 Discretionary Bonus The Employee shall be eligible to receive a discretionary annual bonus. Payment of such bonus and the amount (if any) thereof shall be at the entire discretion of the Company determined by them using such criteria as they consider appropriate, including, but not limited to, whether the Company has made audited profits after tax and minority interest but before extraordinary items of over HK$100 million, the performance of the Group and of the Employee during the period in question, provided always that such bonus (if any) shall not exceed 1% of such profits. Retirement Scheme The Employee shall have the benefit of participation in the mandatory provident fund scheme provided by the Company subject to the terms and conditions of such scheme from time to time in force, and the mandatory payments by the Company shall not exceed the statutory minimum. SCHEDULE 3 ANNUAL LEAVE In addition to statutory holidays, the Employee shall be entitled after completion of each year of service to 14 working days (including Saturdays) of Annual Leave, which Annual Leave shall be taken at such time or times as may be convenient to the Company having regard to the exigencies of the Company's business, provided that:
Schedule 1 to the Lease is hereby deleted in its entirety and Schedule 1 attached to the Fourth Amendment is substituted in lieu thereof.3.
Schedule 1 lists all Investment Property owned by each Grantor as of the Closing Date (or the date such Grantor joins this Agreement as it relates to such Grantor). Each Grantor is the record and beneficial owner of the Investment Property pledged by it hereunder that it purports to own, free of any and all Liens or options in favor of, or claims of, any other Person, except the security interest created by this Agreement and, in the case of Investment Property which does not constitute Pledged Equity issued by a Subsidiary of the Grantor or Intercompany Notes, for Permitted Liens.
Schedule 1 hereto correctly represents as of the date hereof (A) the issuer, the certificate number (if applicable), the Additional Pledgor and record and beneficial owner, the number and class and the percentage of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests of such class of all Additional Pledged Shares and (B) the issuer, the initial principal amount, the Additional Pledgor and holder, date of the instrument and maturity date of all Additional Pledged Debt. Except as set forth on Schedule 1, and except for Excluded Stock and Stock Equivalents and any other Excluded Property, the Additional Pledged Shares represent all of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests of each class of Equity Interests of the issuer thereof on the date hereof.
Schedule 1. Schedule 1 to the Lease is deleted in its entirety and replaced with Schedule 1 attached hereto.