Software Licensing Sample Clauses

Software Licensing. Contractor represents and warrants that the software, if any, as delivered to City, does not contain any program code, virus, worm, trap door, back door, time or clock that would erase data or programming or otherwise cause the software to become inoperable, inaccessible, or incapable of being used in accordance with its user manuals, either automatically, upon the occurrence of licensor-selected conditions or manually on command. Contractor further represents and warrants that all third party software, delivered to City or used by Contractor in the performance of the Contract, is fully licensed by the appropriate licensor.
Software Licensing. Unless specifically otherwise agreed to in an applicable Order, Client represents and warrants that Client has title to or has a license or the right to use or modify the Software and has a license or right to permit Provider to use, access or modify any software that Client has requested Provider to use, access or modify as part of the Services. It is the Client’s responsibility to independently ensure that ALL software in use by Client is properly licensed, and Client agrees to maintain records of applicable licenses. Provider will not promote the use of, or knowingly support software which is not properly licensed by Client. Assistance with software audits or licensing compliance matters are billable at Provider’s then current hourly rates. Unsupported Software
Software Licensing. This is a sale of hardware items only and does not include a sale or license of program code (software) in any form, regardless of whether such software has been packaged with, integrated into or otherwise included with the Equipment. Any software included with the Equipment may be the property of a third party. Buyer agrees to destroy all such software or to obtain an appropriate license for its continued use.
Software Licensing. Client represents that it has title to or license or rights to use or modify and has license or rights to permit Provider to use, access or modify any software that Client has requested Provider use, access or modify as part of the Services.
Software Licensing. 7.01 Buyer is granted no title or ownership rights to the Software or Documentation, which rights shall remain with Seller or Seller's suppliers, as appropriate. This Agreement does not entitle Buyer to the receipt or use of, or access to, Software Source Code (except as set forth in Sections 7.07 and 7.08) or any right to reproduce the Software or Documentation, and Buyer agrees that it shall not decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to gain access to the Software Source Code. The obligations of Buyer under this section shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer may reproduce or copy Software or Documentation for installation, back-up or archival and test purposes and may provide such copies to Third Parties who provide installation or maintenance services for Buyer. Buyer will notify Seller in the event it provides copies of Software to Third Parties.
Software Licensing. A. Sourcewell selected The Gordian Group’s (Gordian) software, data and services (IQCC System) for their IQCC program. The system includes Gordian’s proprietary ezIQC, eGordian and Bid Safe IQCC applications (IQCC Applications) and construction cost data (Construction Task Catalog), which must be used by the Contractor to prepare and submit Price Proposals, subcontractor lists, and other requirements specified by Sourcewell and Sourcewell Members. The Contractor’s use, in whole or in part, of Gordian’s IQCC Applications and Construction Task Catalog and other proprietary materials provided by Gordian for any purpose other than to execute work under this Agreement for Sourcewell and Sourcewell Members is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated in writing by Gordian. The Contractor hereby agrees to abide by the terms of the following IQCC System License found in Article 6 below.
Software Licensing. A. Unless prior written consent is obtained from HP, Direct Reseller will not copy or modify any materials supplied under this Agreement, except that Software may be copied for archival purposes, to replace a defective copy, or for program error verification. Direct Reseller will not remove, omit, or alter any label or copyright notice on or in these materials.