Support Request definition

Support Request means a request for assistance received by Blackboard's Service Desk and/or Service Desk Infrastructure from an Authorized User, such as any answered phone call, answered email, or answered chat.
Support Request means a request from the Customer made by telephone or via the Support Portal, in relation to an Incident.

Examples of Support Request in a sentence

  • The State shall classify its requests for Error corrections in accordance with the support request classification and definitions of the Service Level Table set forth in Section 3.4 (each a "Support Request").

  • The JDAC Support Request form(s) must be submitted to JDAC a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days preceding the WMATA Operating Week, which begins Saturday morning at 00:01 A.M., to allow WMATA sufficient advance notice to schedule personnel and equipment and to adjust WMATA operations and maintenance to accommodate Permittee’s request insofar as possible.

  • If the Contractor fails to respond to a Support Request within the applicable Service Level response time or to Resolve a Support Request within the applicable Service Level Resolution time, the State will be entitled to the corresponding service credits specified in the table below ("Service Credits"), provided that the relevant Error did not result from a State Cause.

  • Response and Resolution times will be measured from the time Contractor receives a Support Request until the respective times Contractor has (a) responded to that Support Request, in the case of response time and (b) Resolved that Support Request, in the case of Resolution time.

  • The State shall include in each Support Request a description of the reported Error and the time the State first observed the Error.

More Definitions of Support Request

Support Request means a request communicated by Customer to EnterpriseDB using the designated procedure to report an Error and to request a correction of such Error.
Support Request or “Support Requests” means the official log for assistance with Sage. Each Support Request will be assigned a unique reference number to track the Resolution Process.
Support Request means a request for Services submitted to iSpring by You in accordance with this Agreement. Support Requests shall be submitted via email ( or telephone (1 800 640 0868).
Support Request means a request issued by the Licensee to the Licensor requesting Support of any kind to be performed.
Support Request means an Incident reported by the CUSTOMER to QUMU Customer Support Services.
Support Request means a request for Support.