Support Request definition

Support Request means a request for assistance received by Blackboard's Service Desk and/or Service Desk Infrastructure from an Authorized User, such as any answered phone call, answered email, or answered chat.
Support Request means a request from the Customer made by telephone or via the Support Portal, in relation to an Incident.
Support Request means a request communicated by Customer to EnterpriseDB using the designated procedure to report an Error and to request a correction of such Error.

Examples of Support Request in a sentence

  • Response and Resolution times will be measured from the time Contractor receives a Support Request until the respective times Contractor has (i) responded to, in the case of response time and (ii) Resolved such Support Request, in the case of Resolution time.

  • Support RequestFor the purposes of this agreement, a Support Request is generally defined as a request for support to fix a defect in existing device or a request for support that involves functionality of the stated device.

  • With respect to any Critical Service Error Support Request, until such Support Request is Resolved, Contractor will escalate that Support Request within sixty (60) minutes of the receipt of such Support Request by the appropriate Contractor support personnel, including, as applicable, the Contractor Service Manager and Contractor’s management or engineering personnel, as appropriate.

  • When submitting an Support Request, Customer is responsible for setting the initial severity level in accordance with the severity table below.

  • When submitting a Support Request, Customer is responsible for setting the initial severity level in accordance with the severity table below.

More Definitions of Support Request

Support Request means a Customer request made to Tanium in accordance these Support Services Terms and Conditions.
Support Request or “Support Requests” means the official log for assistance with Sage. Each Support Request will be assigned a unique reference number to track the Resolution Process.
Support Request has the meaning set forth in Section 3.4(a).
Support Request means initiation of a request during Support‌
Support Request means a request for Services submitted to iSpring by You in accordance with this Agreement. Support Requests shall be submitted via email ( or telephone (0 000 000 0000).
Support Request means a request issued by the Licensee to the Licensor requesting Support of any kind to be performed.
Support Request means a request made by you in accordance with this Annexure B for Support Services in relation to the Terrascope Products.