The Vendor definition

The Vendor means the person, firm, company or organization on whom the Purchase Order is placed and shall be deemed to include the vendor’s successors, representative heirs, executors and administrator as the case may be. It may also be referred to as Seller, Contractor or Supplier.
The Vendor means the firm(s) providing the and services under this Contract;
The Vendor or “Dealer” means the successful bidder or the dealer of the successful bidder with whom the Purchaser enters into a Rate Contract against this tender. The bidder is expected to specifically state the details of the dealers in the bid.

Examples of The Vendor in a sentence

  • The Vendor / Contractor shall promptly notify SBI of any changes in the constitution of their firm.

  • The Vendor is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of NWS Holdings, which is a substantial shareholder of the Company.

  • The Vendor shall provide gloves, coolers, ice, and any other necessary supplies required for sample storage/transportation.

  • The Vendor agrees to provide the designated PGCPS representative with a list of all current employees and an immediate update of changes in personnel, employees, contractors, subcontractors, agents, volunteers, outsourced temporary staff and any instructors.

  • The Vendor is therefore a connected person of the Company, and the transactions contemplated under the Agreement constitute connected transactions for the Company under Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules.

More Definitions of The Vendor

The Vendor means the individual or firm supplying the goods and services under the contract.
The Vendor s solicitors” means (name and address of person or firm) or such other solicitors as may be notified in writing by the Vendor to the Purchaser;
The Vendor means the person owning or having the right to sell the lot.
The Vendor means the individual or firm or company undertaking the works and shall include legal personal representative of individual or composing the firm or company and the permitted assignees of individual or firms of company.
The Vendor means and includes Vendor, all of its affiliates and subsidiaries, its SubVendors and materialmen and their respective servants, agents and employees; and
The Vendor means the firms providing the desired services under this Contract;
The Vendor means the successful bidder with whom the Purchaser enters into a Rate Contract against this tender.