Properly Licensed Sample Clauses

Properly Licensed. The Sub-Adviser is registered as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act, and will remain so registered for the duration of this Agreement. The Sub-Adviser agrees to promptly notify the Adviser of the occurrence of any event that would disqualify the Sub-Adviser from serving as an investment adviser to an investment company. The Sub-Adviser is in compliance in all material respects with all applicable federal and state law in connection with its investment management operations.
Properly Licensed. BROKER warrants that it is and shall remain properly licensed to transact business as an agent, broker, or producer for all the types of Products it has placed or will place or purchase through COMPANY in accordance with the insurance and financial regulations and laws of the state in which BROKER transacts such business.
Properly Licensed. Licensee hereby covenants that Licensee is properly licensed in accordance with all local and state laws and regulations to engage in Licensee’s trade and business.

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  • Third Party Licenses 17.13.1 If any third party software is included within or embedded in the AvaTrade website or online trading platform, then such embedded third party software shall be provided subject to the terms of this Customer Agreement which apply to the online trading platform.

  • Intellectual Property License 20.1 Any Intellectual Property originating from or developed by a Party shall remain in the exclusive ownership of that Party.

  • Intellectual Property Licenses The Company possesses all Proprietary Rights necessary to conduct the Business as heretofore conducted or as proposed to be conducted by it. All Proprietary Rights registered in the name of the Company and applications therefor filed by the Company are listed on the “Intellectual Property Schedule,” attached hereto as Schedule B. No event has occurred that permits, or after notice or lapse of time or both would permit, the revocation or termination of any of the foregoing, which taken in isolation or when considered with all other such revocations or terminations could have a Material Adverse Effect. The Company does not have notice or knowledge of any facts or any past, present or threatened occurrence that could preclude or impair the Company’s ability to retain or obtain any authorization necessary for the operation of the Business.

  • Licensed Intellectual Property Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including the reservation of rights in Sections 4.8 and 5.4, and the payment by Celgene of all amounts as and when such amounts become due and payable under this Agreement), GlobeImmune hereby grants to Celgene and its Affiliates the exclusive (even as to GlobeImmune and its Affiliates), worldwide, nontransferable (except as provided in Section 13.4) license, with the right to grant sublicenses solely in accordance with Section 5.2, under the Licensed Intellectual Property, to use, sell, offer to sell, import, make and have made (in accordance with Section 4.8), and otherwise Develop, Commercialize or manufacture (in accordance with Section 4.8) any Celgene Development Compound and any Licensed Product containing any such Celgene Development Compound, during the Term, in the Territory in the Field, such license to be effective upon Celgene’s exercise of a Celgene Program Option for the Collaboration Compound corresponding to such Celgene Development Compound in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; provided that GlobeImmune reserves the right to make and have made Celgene Development Compound(s) and Licensed Product(s) solely to perform its obligations under Section 4.8.

  • Intellectual Property; Licenses, Etc The Borrower and its Subsidiaries own, or possess the right to use, all of the trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrights, patents, patent rights, franchises, licenses and other intellectual property rights (collectively, “IP Rights”) that are reasonably necessary for the operation of their respective businesses, without conflict with the rights of any other Person. To the best knowledge of the Borrower, no slogan or other advertising device, product, process, method, substance, part or other material now employed, or now contemplated to be employed, by the Borrower or any Subsidiary infringes upon any rights held by any other Person. No claim or litigation regarding any of the foregoing is pending or, to the best knowledge of the Borrower, threatened, which, either individually or in the aggregate, could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Joint Intellectual Property 9.1 University agrees to not Implement any Joint Intellectual Property for any purpose other than educational, experimental or research purposes. In consideration of University not Implementing the Joint Intellectual Property except for the limited purposes set forth in this paragraph, Company agrees to Implement any Joint Intellectual Property only in accordance with a license agreement to be entered into by Company and University with respect to the Implementation of such Joint Intellectual Property. Company shall pay to University, in connection with such Implementation, a compensatory royalty in accordance with such license agreement to be agreed by the Parties.

  • Intellectual Property The Company and the Subsidiaries have, or have rights to use, all patents, patent applications, trademarks, trademark applications, service marks, trade names, trade secrets, inventions, copyrights, licenses and other intellectual property rights and similar rights necessary or required for use in connection with their respective businesses as described in the SEC Reports and which the failure to so have could have a Material Adverse Effect (collectively, the “Intellectual Property Rights”). None of, and neither the Company nor any Subsidiary has received a notice (written or otherwise) that any of, the Intellectual Property Rights has expired, terminated or been abandoned, or is expected to expire or terminate or be abandoned, within two (2) years from the date of this Agreement. Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary has received, since the date of the latest audited financial statements included within the SEC Reports, a written notice of a claim or otherwise has any knowledge that the Intellectual Property Rights violate or infringe upon the rights of any Person, except as could not have or reasonably be expected to not have a Material Adverse Effect. To the knowledge of the Company, all such Intellectual Property Rights are enforceable and there is no existing infringement by another Person of any of the Intellectual Property Rights. The Company and its Subsidiaries have taken reasonable security measures to protect the secrecy, confidentiality and value of all of their intellectual properties, except where failure to do so could not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Know-How The term “

  • Patent Rights The State and the U. S. Department of Transportation shall have the royalty free, nonexclusive and irrevocable right to use and to authorize others to use any patents developed by the Engineer under this contract.

  • Technical Information The Employer agrees to provide to the Union such information that is available relating to employees in the bargaining unit, as may be required by the Union for collective bargaining purposes.