Scope of Activities Sample Clauses

Scope of Activities. Transmission planning activities will be coordinated in accordance with the Amended and Restated Northeast ISO/RTO Planning Coordination Protocol (“Protocol”), between and among PJM Interconnection, L.L.C., the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. and ISO New England Inc., effective as of December 12, 2004 as amended on July 10, 2013.
Scope of Activities. No QStP or Problem Solving Team will have authority to discuss, change, modify or infringe upon issues which are related to wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment. Whenever a matter covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement is raised in a QStP Quality Improvement Process Team (QIP) or Problem Solving Process Team (PSP), the matter shall be suspended until the members of the Statewide Steering Committee have expressly agreed to continued involvement by the QIP or PSP Team. The following represent general examples of items or issues which may or may not be worked on by QStP teams: Off-Limit Activities Acceptable Activities Salaries Agency Quality Service or Agency Product Grievances Work Environment Safety Union Contract Interpretations Reduction in Paperwork Benefits Savings in Time, Effort or the Handling of Materials State Policy and Working Conditions Improvement in Process, Methods or Systems Classification Improvement in Facilities, Tools or Equipment Discipline Elimination of Waste of Materials and Supplies Working Hours Reductions in Hazards to People or Property Whenever there is discussion over off-limit activities as stated above, or other matters which are normally reserved to the collective bargaining process, no final decision or action shall be taken except through the grievance or collective bargaining process as agreed to by the parties.
Scope of Activities. A.Customer accounts established at DriveWealth will be restricted to only trading activities in the Securities. The Customer will not be allowed to participate in other brokerage activities offered through DriveWealth, including the purchase and sale of equities, unless such Customer maintains an additional DriveWealth account(s) that is permitted to engage in such activity.
Scope of Activities. The Parties will undertake the activities listed in Appendix A. The Parties acknowledge that their respective obligations to undertake the activities listed in Appendix A serve as good and valuable consideration for this Agreement.
Scope of Activities. The allocation of CDBG funds awarded to SUBRECIPIENT by the City must be utilized to achieve and/or perform the identified list of activities set forth in SUBRECIPIENT’s application for CDBG grant assistance. By accepting the award of CDBG funds, SUBRECIPIENT agrees to perform all activities identified in its CDBG application. The major components of the approved project include, but are not limited to: • A Housing Retention Specialist will work with individuals housed through the Missoula Coordinated Entry System (MCES) and the Poverello Center to support them in maintaining housing long-term. • 15 very low-income individuals will benefit.
Scope of Activities. For the purposes of this Section 10.2, “prosecution and maintenance” shall mean, with respect to a patent, the preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintenance of such patent, as well as re-examinations, reissues and requests for patent term extensions and the like with respect to such patent, together with the conduct of interferences, the defense of oppositions and other similar proceedings with respect to a patent. Also, as used in this Section 10.2, to “abandonparticular Patent Rights shall include deciding not to defend against an opposition, not to defend an interference or similar proceeding, not to pursue an appeal of an adverse decision or not to pursue particular claims, in each case with respect to such Patent Rights in the United States Patent & Trademark Office or a corresponding patent examining authority in another country.