Definition of Regulatory Filings

Regulatory Filings means as to any Performance Period, filings submitted to an Approval Authority with respect to a Product for which the Company is pursuing Product Approval.
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Regulatory Filings means any applications, communications, data, documents, regardless of format or media, filed with or submitted to KFDA, MHW, HIRA and/or all other applicable Governmental Bodies for purposes of obtaining Marketing Approval or as a post-obtainment commitment or requirement relating to such Marketing Approval, including any NDA.
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Regulatory Filings means, collectively, (a) all INDs, NDAs, establishment license applications, drug master files, applications for designation of a Licensed Product as an "Orphan Product(s)" under the Orphan Drug Act, for "Fast Track" status under Section 506 of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. SS 356) or for a Special Protocol Assessment under Section 505(b)(4)(B) and (C) of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. SS 355(b)(4)(B)) or all other similar filings (including, without limitation, any counterparts of any of the foregoing in any country region in the Territory, e.g. a CTN) as may be required by any Regulatory Authority for the Development or Commercialization of a Licensed Product; (b) all supplements and amendments to any of the foregoing; and (c) all data contained in, and correspondence relating to, any of the foregoing.
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Examples of Regulatory Filings in a sentence

Such information, certifications and reports shall include, without limitation, those regarding the Sub-Adviser's compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Code of Ethics of the Sub-Adviser and the Trust and certifications as to the validity of certain information included in the Fund's Regulatory Filings.
It has made provision in accordance with GAAP, in the financial statements included in the Regulatory Filings filed before the date hereof, for all Taxes that accrued on or before the end of the most recent period covered by its Regulatory Filings filed before the date hereof.
Upon the request of GlobeImmune, Celgene shall provide GlobeImmune with copies of material Regulatory Filings and related material correspondence submitted to Regulatory Authorities or received from Regulatory Authorities with respect to any such Celgene Development Compound.
Celgene shall have responsibility for, and shall prepare, all Regulatory Filings and related submissions with respect to such Celgene Development Compound(s).
Celgene shall provide the JRC with a summary of material clinical protocols and Regulatory Filings with respect to each Celgene Development Compound.