Lower Classification Sample Clauses

Lower Classification. In the event a classification review results in a position being reclassified to a lower level, the employee shall, as long as he or she remains in the position, continue to receive his or her salary rate until such time as the salary rate of the revised classification, through increments provided for under the Collective Agreement, meet or exceed the salary rate the employee receives prior to the reclassification.
Lower Classification. 18 A classification for which the applicable pay range has a lower top step.
Lower Classification. Employees who bump into a lower classification as a result of layoff shall receive his/her current salary or the maximum salary range for the lower classification, whichever is less.
Lower Classification. An employee temporarily leaving their own classification to work at a classification carrying a lower rate shall be paid at their regular rate.
Lower Classification. Where assigned in a lower classification, s/he shall be credited at the lowest aircraft rate within his/her regular classification.
Lower Classification. An employee who is the successful applicant for a lower paying position shall be placed on a step/level in the grid equivalent to the step held in the higher paying position. NOTE: When higher, lateral and lower moves are made, it is understood that the length of service in all assignments shall be recognized for a period of twenty-four (24) months from last date in the assignment.
Lower Classification. An employee may be temporarily assigned the duties of a lower classification without suffering a reduction in pay.
Lower Classification. When an employee, as a result of a job posting is awarded a new job of a lower classification, and for which a lower rate than that of his former classification is paid, such lower rate shall become effective immediately the employee assumes his new duties.
Lower Classification. If an employee is a successful candidate for a posting (including Alternate positions) and is transferred to a classification which has a lower wage rate than their current wage rate, the employee shall receive the rate of pay on the wage grid in the new position based on their length of service with the Hospital. The date of transfer shall be established as the new classification date and thereafter, the employee shall progress through the wage grid based on the length of service in that classification.
Lower Classification. In the event a reclassification/modification results in a lower rate of pay, the employee shall continue to receive their salary rate including increments and negotiated salary adjustments until such time as they are offered a position at an equivalent or higher level or accept another position through a competition or voluntary process. Should the employee decline the offer of a position at an equivalent or higher level, this salary protection shall cease.