At present definition

At present means 'at the present time', 'presently' means 'shortly'. These should not be confused.
At present means 'at the present time', 'presently' means 'shortly'. These should not be confused. 1. Incorrect Nothing more can be done presently.
At present means ‘at the present time’, ‘presently’ means ‘soon’. These should not be confused.

Examples of At present in a sentence

  • At present this area is not included in the scope of ESI scheme but may be covered at any point of time.

  • At present AES Corporation, USA has 49% stake in Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited.

  • At present Employees State Insurance (ESI) Act is not applicable to IB TPS but may be extended at any time.

  • At present, transfer of title by electronic communication is not accepted.

  • At present, VA is using a 3rd party agent to contact contractors regarding this service.

  • At present, electronic submission is voluntary and any nominal registration fees will be the responsibility of the contractor.

  • At present there are no ecotoxicological assessments for this product.

  • At present, our physical facilities for the disabled are limited but We will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the School's culture, policies and procedures are made accessible to children who have disabilities and to comply with our legal and moral responsibilities under equality legislation in order to accommodate the needs of applicants and pupils who have disabilities for which, after reasonable adjustments, We can cater adequately.

  • At present, the scale and nature of any increase in liabilities are unknown, which limits the ability of the Fund to make an accurate allowance.The LGPS Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) issued advice to LGPS funds in May 2019.

  • At present the company is undertaking construction of Eastern & Western corridors and has its corporate office at New Delhi and Field Units at various cities.

More Definitions of At present

At present means ‘at the present time’, ‘presently’ means ‘soon’. These should not be confused. Incorrect- Nothing more can be done presently. Correct- Nothing more can be done at present. Incorrect- He will come back at present. Correct- He will come back presently.

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