PURCHASE PAYMENTS. Initial Purchase Payment — This Contract will not be in force until we receive at our Service Center the initial Purchase Payment. The initial Purchase Payment is shown in the Contract Specifications. Additional Purchase Payments — You may make additional Purchase Payments at any time before the Annuity Date, while the Owner or Annuitant is living and this Contract is in force. The minimum additional Purchase Payment amounts are shown in the Contract Specifications. A single Purchase Payment or the aggregate of all Purchase Payments may not exceed the Maximum Purchase Payment Amount Without Home Office Approval as shown in the Contract Specifications. Purchase Payments are payable in U.S. dollars at our Service Center. Checks should be made payable to Pacific Life Insurance Company. If you make Purchase Payments by check other than a cashier’s check, withdrawal payments and any refund under the Right to Cancel provision may be delayed until your check has cleared. Purchase Payment AllocationPrior to the Annuity Date, you may allocate all or part of your Purchase Payments to one or more of the Investment Options available under this Contract. The Investment Options available on the Contract Date are shown in the Contract Specifications. You may change the Purchase Payment allocation by providing us with instructions in a form satisfactory to us. We will allocate any Purchase Payment according to your most recent allocation instructions. We may reject any instruction or Purchase Payment if your instructions are not clear and we cannot determine your allocation instructions.
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PURCHASE PAYMENTS. The initial Purchase Payment is due on the Certificate Date. It must be paid at Our Office in United States currency. Coverage under a Certificate does not take effect until We have accepted the initial Purchase Payment during a Certificate Owner's lifetime. Each Purchase Payment after the Certificate Date must be at least the amount shown on the Certificate Schedule. Provided the Certificate Value under a Certificate does not go to zero, a Certificate will stay in force until the Income Date even if a Certificate Owner make no payments after the initial one. We reserve the right to reject any subsequent Purchase Payment. Allocation of Purchase Payments An initial Purchase Payment is allocated to the Sub-accounts of the Variable Account, and to the Fixed Account if available, in accordance with the selections made by a Certificate Owner at the Certificate Date. Unless otherwise changed by a Certificate Owner, subsequent Purchase Payments are allocated in the same manner as the initial Purchase Payment. Allocation of Purchase Payments is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by Us. We reserve the right to allocate initial Purchase Payments to the Money Market Sub-account until the expiration of the Right to Examine Certificate period set forth on the first page of the Group Contract and the Certificate. The Contract The Group Contract, including the application, if any, and any attached rider or endorsement constitute the entire contract between the Group Contract Owner and Us. All statements made by the Group Contract Owner, any Certificate Owner or any Annuitant will be deemed representations and not warranties. No such statement will be used in any contest unless it is contained in the application signed by the Group Contract Owner or in a written instrument signed by the Certificate Owner, a copy of which has been furnished to the Certificate Owner, the Beneficiary or to the Group Contract Owner. Only Our President or Secretary may agree to change any of the terms of the Group Contract. Any changes must be in writing. Any change to the terms of a Certificate must be in writing and with Certificate Owner's consent, unless provided otherwise by the Group Contract and the Certificate. To assure that the Group Contract and the Certificate will maintain their status as a variable annuity under the Internal Revenue Code, We reserve the right to change the Group Contract and any Certificate issued thereunder to comply with future changes in the Internal ...
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. To the extent that moneys on deposit in the Remarketing Proceeds Account of the Purchase Fund established under the Indenture are insufficient to pay the full purchase price of Bonds payable pursuant to Section 5.03 of the Indenture on the applicable Purchase Date, the Company shall promptly pay to the Trustee as Purchase Payments for deposit in the Company Fund established under Section 5.07 of the Indenture amounts sufficient to cover such shortfalls in sufficient time to enable the Trustee to deliver to the Tender Agent the purchase price of Bonds payable pursuant to Section 5.03 of the Indenture; provided, however, that the obligation of the Company to make any Purchase Payment hereunder shall be deemed to have been satisfied to the extent that moneys shall have been paid by a Credit Facility Issuer to the Trustee for such payment in respect of the Bonds.
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. Subject to the maximum and minimum shown on the Contract Schedule, the Certificate Holder may determine the amount and frequency of Purchase Payments. We reserve the right not to accept any Purchase Payment. We will declare from time to time the acceptability of additional Purchase Payments.
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. 5 3 Variable Account....................................... 6 4 Options, Charges and Fees.............................. 7
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. Purchase payments are the payments You make for this contract and the benefits it provides. Purchase payments must be paid or mailed to Us at Our service center or to an authorized agent. Your Initial Purchase Payment is shown under Contract Data. Additional Purchase Payments Subject to the Payment Limits provision below, additional purchase payments may be made until the earlier of:
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. The initial Purchase Payment is due on the Issue Date. The minimum and maximum subsequent and total Purchase Payments are shown on the Contract Schedule. The Company reserves the right to reject any Purchase Payment.
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. Purchase payments may be made by the participant. An initial purchase payment must be paid to start coverage. The Date of Coverage is described in the certificate. Entire Contract. We have issued this group contract in consideration of the certificate application and the initial purchase payment. This group contract and other attached, related papers, if any, constitute the entire contract with us. Each certificate application shall be, at certificate issue, the basis for issuance of the particular certificate and at that date shall become a part of this group contract. A copy shall be attached to the certificate. All statements made by the group contract owner, or a participant are representations and not warranties. Misstatements will not be used in any contest or to reduce any claim under this group contract unless they are in writing. A copy of the application containing such misstatement must have been given to the group contract owner, the participant or the beneficiary as applicable. This group contract is incontestable, subject to the Age and Sex Misstatement, Proof of Age and Proof of Survival provisions as set forth in the certificate.
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. The amounts to be paid to the Seller by the Buyer for purchases of Capacity, Energy and Ancillary Services under this Agreement shall be determined as follows:
PURCHASE PAYMENTS. Purchase Payments — Purchase Payments are payable at our administrative office. They shall be made by check payable to the Company or by any other method we allow. Specific Purchase Payment limitations are shown on the Schedule. We reserve the right not to accept any Purchase Payment. You are not required to make any additional Purchase Payments.