Transfers to Sample Clauses

Transfers to another institution as a full-time student. (Student must provide course schedule from that institution)
Transfers to a position outside the bargaining unit and remains in that position for one year or longer (seniority group seniority only)
Transfers to. QIBs. The following provisions shall apply with respect to the registration of any proposed transfer to a QIB (excluding Non-U.S. Persons):
Transfers to. Third Parties after TWC or the Company Declines Rights of First Offer. Subject to the restrictions of Section 13.1, if at the end of the 10 Business Day period following the giving of the Right of First Offer Notice, TWC or the Company, as the case may be, shall not have accepted the offer contained in such notice as to all shares of Transfer Stock covered thereby, the Investor shall have 90 days in which to sell the Transfer Stock to a Third Party, at a price that is no less than 95% of the price contained in the Right of First Offer Notice and on terms and conditions not more favorable to such Third Party than were contained in the Right of First Offer Notice. Promptly after any sale pursuant to this Section 13.3, the Investor shall notify TWC or the Company, as the case may be, of the consummation thereof and shall furnish such evidence of the completion (including time of completion) of such sale and of the terms and conditions thereof as TWC or the Company, as the case may be, may reasonably request. If, at the end of such 90 day period, the Investor has not completed the sale of the Transfer Stock, it shall no longer be permitted to sell such shares pursuant to this Section 13.3 without again fully complying with the provisions of this Article XIII and all the restrictions on Transfer contained in this Agreement shall again be in effect with respect to all such Person's shares of Class A Common Stock, including the Transfer Stock.
Transfers to positions with a different job title, the successful applicant shall have a trial period of two (2) months. Transfers shall become permanent after the trial period unless:

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