Minimum Investment definition

Minimum Investment means an investment in the project of at least two and one‑half million dollars within the investment period. If a county has an average annual unemployment rate of at least twice the state average during the last twenty‑four month period based on data available on the most recent November first, the minimum investment is one million dollars. The department shall designate these reduced investment counties by December thirty‑first of each year using data from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and the United States Department of Commerce. The designations are effective for a sponsor whose fee agreement is signed in the calendar year following the county designation. For all purposes of this chapter, the minimum investment may include amounts expended by a sponsor or sponsor affiliate as a nonresponsible party in a voluntary cleanup contract on the property pursuant to Article 7, Chapter 56, Title 44, the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program, if the Department of Health and Environmental Control certifies completion of the cleanup. If the amounts under the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program equal at least one million dollars, the investment threshold requirement of this chapter is deemed to have been met.
Minimum Investment means the amount or number of Units specified in Section 1 "Product Summary" as the "Minimum Investment";
Minimum Investment means 10% of the outstanding Voting Shares.

Examples of Minimum Investment in a sentence

  • Any extension / preponing to the NFO period shall be notified by way of publication of addendum to be uploaded on the website of the AMC.Minimum Amount for Application during NFO: Lump sum Investments: Minimum Investment AmountAdditional InvestmentRs. 5,000 and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter.

  • If contamination does not exist outside the building the authority typically has not reimbursed for it.• Minimum Investment Threshold, and depending on the level of investment how long the payback period would be.

  • Furthermore, no Units shall be issued to any person unless such person: (a) subscribes for the Minimum Investment or Minimum Additional Investment (as the case may be); and (b) is a Qualified Holder.

  • VAT) Minimum Investment: Fees Additional Lump sum: R10 000 R50 000 or R2 000 monthly -10% Performance fee (uncapped): 20% (excl.

  • The Completion Date is separately defined in clauses 1.1 and 6.2 to mean the Minimum Investment Timeframe plus one day, namely 4 years and one day.

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Minimum Investment means 151,000,000 Conversion Shares; provided that such number shall be equitably adjusted for any conversions, reclassifications, reorganizations, stock dividends, stock splits, reverse splits and similar events which occur with respect to the Common Stock; provided further that such number shall be reduced pro rata for any reduction in the number of Conversion Shares underlying the Series B Preferred Stock held by the Investor pursuant to the payment of the Investor Call Right Termination Amount (as defined in the Stockholder Agreement). For purposes of the determination of whether the Minimum Investment is owned, the Investor or its Affiliates and any permitted transferee holding any Shares shall be deemed to hold the Conversion Shares for such Shares.
Minimum Investment shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 2.2(e) hereof. “Minimum Investment Maintenance Period” shall mean the period beginning January 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2020.
Minimum Investment means the minimum initial subscription amount from each investor as set out in the relevant Supplement, or the applicable regulatory minimum in the Cayman Islands, as an initial investment from time to time.
Minimum Investment means with respect to the purchase of units by an investor during the offer period, the minimum of $1,000.00;
Minimum Investment means the aggregate capital investment in the Project by the Company and any Project Affiliate of not less than $10,000,000 by the Five Year Milestone.
Minimum Investment means a minimum investment of not less than $10,000,000 in the aggregate in (i) the Project and (ii) the purchase of certain land and an existing building or buildings related to the Project and the creation of at least 11 new, full-time jobs with respect thereto.
Minimum Investment shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.17.