Obligation of the Company Sample Clauses

Obligation of the Company. Without in any way limiting the obligations of the Company otherwise set forth in the Agreement or this Annex A, the Company shall have the obligation to establish, maintain and enforce the Rabbi Trust and to make payments to the Trustee for credit to the Trust Account in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.3 of the Agreement, to use due care in selecting the Trustee or any successor trustee and to in all respects work cooperatively with the Trustee to fulfill the obligations of the Company and the Trustee to the Executive. The Trust Account shall be charged with all taxes (including stock transfer taxes), interest, brokerage fees and investment advisory fees, if any, payable by the Company and attributable to the purchase or disposition of securities designated by the Investment Advisor (in all cases net after any tax benefits that the Company would be deemed to derive from the payment thereof, as and when determined pursuant to Section A.5) and only in the event of a default by the Company of its obligation to pay such fees and expenses, the fees and expenses of the Trustee in accordance with the terms of the Trust Agreement, but no other costs of the Company. Subject to the terms of the Trust Agreement, the securities purchased for the Trust Account as designated by the Investment Advisor shall remain the sole property of the Company, subject to the claims of its general creditors, as provided in the Trust Agreement. Neither the Executive nor his legal representative nor any beneficiary designated by the Executive shall have any right, other than the right of an unsecured general creditor, against the Company or the Trust in respect of any portion of the Trust Account.
Obligation of the Company. Whenever required to effect the registration of any Registrable Securities under this Agreement, the Company shall, as expeditiously as reasonably possible:
Obligation of the Company. During the Term, the Company shall provide access to, or furnish to, the Executive Confidential Information of the Company necessary to enable the Executive properly to perform his obligations under this Agreement.
Obligation of the Company. If and when the Company shall be required to prepare a registration statement pursuant to this Section (b), the Company will:
Obligation of the Company. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the Executive from any and all costs or expenses incurred by him on account of the fact that he becomes a party, or is threatened to be made a party, to any pending, threatened or contemplated action, suit or proceeding, whether civil, criminal, administrative or investigative, by reason of the fact that he is, was or becomes a director, officer, employee or agent of the Company or of any parent or subsidiary of the Company. Such costs and expenses shall include, without limitation, expenses (including attorneys' fees), judgments, fines and amounts paid in settlement actually and reasonably incurred by him in connection with any such action, suit or proceeding. To the maximum extent permitted by and subject to any requirements of law, costs and expenses incurred by the Executive in defending a civil or criminal action, suit or proceeding shall be paid by the Company as bills for such services are presented by the Executive to the Company. In any such matter, the Executive shall be entitled to select his own legal counsel.
Obligation of the Company. The Company, and not the Board of Directors of the Company or any member thereof, shall be liable for any and all claims made in connection with this Agreement and for any and all payments to which the Employee may be entitled under this Agreement. The Agreement shall be unfunded.
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Obligation of the Company. Whenever this Agreement requires the Surviving Corporation or Merger Sub to take any action, such requirement shall be deemed to include an undertaking on the part of Parent to cause such Party to take such action.
Obligation of the Company a. Company shall take reasonable steps to specify for Customer awareness on the Portal, the warranty period and terms of such warranty as communicated to it by the Vendor in relation to the Products displayed on the Portal.
Obligation of the Company. The amounts payable under this Agreement are to be satisfied solely out of the general assets of the Company that remain subject to the claims of its creditors. A benefit is at all times a mere contractual obligation of the Company. The Executive and his Beneficiaries have no right, title, or interest in benefits or any claim against them. The Company will not segregate any funds for benefits nor issue any notes or security for the payment of any benefits. No provision of this Agreement shall be construed as giving the Executive any right to continue in the employ of the Company.
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