THE BENEFICIARY means the person or persons who has/have been appointed by the Member as Nominee and whose name or names have been entered in the Bank Records.
THE BENEFICIARY means the legal or natural person that was approved by the dti for incentives, and where the payment is ceded to a service provider, it also refers to the service provider.
THE BENEFICIARY means or any other such person as may be agreed to by the beneficiary and the Trustees with the prior written approval of the Minister responsible for mineral resources or, should any person which is a beneficiary (i) commit an act which is or would, if such person were a natural person, be an act of insolvency (as defined in the Insolvency Act 1936), or (ii) be or become financially distressed (as defined in the Companies Act 71 of 2008) or (iii) be declared by a competent court to be insolvent (whether provisionally or finally), then with effect from the date of such event, the Department;

Examples of THE BENEFICIARY in a sentence

  • We have been informed that (here inafter called "the Applicant") has submitted or will submit to the Beneficiary its Tender (here inafter called" the Tender") for the execution of under Request for Tenders No. (“the ITT”).

  • Except as provided in item 6 below, benefits payable because of your death will be paid to the Beneficiary you name.

  • Branch: Fort, Mumbai Name of the Beneficiary: RARC 048 (RCFL) Trust, IFSC Code: HDFC0000060.

  • If the Associate Partner wishes to co-finance the project, the amount of financial contribution should be indicated in the Letter of Intent and be reflected in the forward budget.Nevertheless, it is the Beneficiary and Co-beneficiaries who are responsible for ensuring that the activities of Associate Partners are implemented as their involvement forms part of the project proposal and, later on, part of the conditions of the Grant Agreement.

  • If a Beneficiary dies after the Participant but before receipt of the entire interest in the Custodial Account and has Successor Beneficiaries, the Successor Beneficiaries will succeed to the rights of the Beneficiary.

More Definitions of THE BENEFICIARY

THE BENEFICIARY means Krajowa Szkoła Administracji Publicznej im. Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Lecha Kaczyńskiego (hereinafter KSAP, which is to say Poland’s Lech Kaczyński National School of Public Administration);
THE BENEFICIARY means the scientific project manager
THE BENEFICIARY means the person mentioned in paragraph (a)(i) or, as the case may be, paragraph (b)(i) of the definition of “access contract” in subsection (6) above, according to the description of access contract in question;
THE BENEFICIARY means the person mentioned in paragraph (a) of the definition ofinstallation access contract” in subsection (9) above;
THE BENEFICIARY means the said NIGEL XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX; and the expression extends to and includes his successors and permitted assigns;
THE BENEFICIARY means the person or persons who has/have been appointed by a Scheme Member as Nominee or Nominees and whose name or names have been entered in the Register of Members kept by the Development Agency.
THE BENEFICIARY means in relation to a Member, the person or persons who has/have been appointed by him in terms of these Rules to receive the benefits under the Scheme in the event of his death- whilst being insured.