Professional Development Days Sample Clauses

Professional Development Days. Upon request, each Employee shall be granted at least three (3) professional development days annually, at the Basic Rate of Pay. An Employee shall be advised, prior to taking any professional development days of any transportation, registration fees, subsistence and other expenses that will be paid by the Employer. Such hours not used in each fiscal year shall not be carried forward into subsequent years. Applications for such paid professional development opportunities shall be made in writing, to the Employer as early as possible.
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Professional Development Days. 20.01 A Long Term Occasional Teacher whose assignment includes a Professional Development Day, shall be paid for the day provided that the Long Term Occasional Teacher participates in the scheduled professional activities. A break in service caused by a Professional Development Day shall not constitute a break in continuity of service.
Professional Development Days. Employees shall be afforded up to seven (7) working days per year as professional development days, which will include regional staff development days if attended, and these days shall be considered as regular work days. Courses and costs approved in advance shall be paid by the Employer.
Professional Development Days. Each employee will be entitled to take up to three (3) paid professional development days per year. Such leave shall be used to enhance the employee=s transferable job skills and can include such activities as attending seminars, participating in College staff development activities, job shadowing, and other legitimate training and education activities. The employee will submit a written application to his/her Supervisor outlining the purpose of the professional development and the expected skill enhancement contemplated from the activity. Such requests will not be unreasonably denied.
Professional Development Days. The BOARD shall provide bargaining unit employees with ten paid profes- sional development days per year, which shall be scheduled during or contiguous with the school year. The BOARD may schedule professional development days in full or half-day increments. Principal-directed professional development days shall be aligned to the Learning Forward Professional Learning Standards (including time for active engagement, collaborative cultures, whole school team collaboration, and/or individual based learning, etc.). Teachers shall have a duty-free lunch period on professional development days.
Professional Development Days. The State shall provide to all employees, two (2) days per fiscal year (without loss of compensation) for activities such as, professional association activities, professional and/or personal development seminars, etc., to promote professional and/or personal growth and to enhance professional and/or personal goals. These activities are at the employee’s expense and therefore the choice of activity is at the employee’s discretion. This time shall be requested and approved in the same manner as vacation/annual leave. Such time shall not be accumulated. This agreement expires on July 1, 2012.
Professional Development Days. 1. During the teacher's regular work year, up to five (5) school days will be made available to individual teachers or groups of teachers to engage in Professional Development or planning activities. These days are in addition to any non instructional days (as outlined in Article D.20.2.e.) which are used for Professional Development or planning activities.
Professional Development Days. 20.01 The Board shall pay Long Term Occasional Teachers for each Professional Development Day subject to attendance.
Professional Development Days. 23.01 A Long Term Occasional Teacher shall be required to participate in / attend professional activity days commensurate with the percentage of contractual time which they are deemed to hold.
Professional Development Days. 1. Five (5) days referred to in Article D.23.2.d.i of Article D.23 Regular Work Year for Teachers shall be used for teacher professional development activities.