Professional Activities definition

Professional Activities means those services provided in the Insured's business as an insurance agent, insurance broker, insurance general agent or surplus lines broker, including but not limited to the electronic solicitation of applicants for insurance coverage; the electronic receipt, review and processing of applications for insurance coverage; and the electronic servicing of insurance coverage placed by the Insured for others.
Professional Activities means any activities sponsored or financed by state, county, school district, or professional non-labor organization such as in-service education, clinics, conferences, workshops.
Professional Activities means ongoing participation in, but not limited to, serving on psychological association boards or committees, editorial boards of peer reviewed journals related to psychology, scientific grant review teams or board member of a regulatory body. Applicants must demonstrate the role(s) they have

Examples of Professional Activities in a sentence

  • Agreement should be reached between the appointee and their Divisional Director or agreed delegate with regard to the scheduling of all other activities, including the Supporting Professional Activities.

  • Promotion or salary transfer of faculty members should be based on their performance in the three broad areas of Teaching, SRC, and Service and Other Professional Activities.

  • Threshold two requires evidence of demonstrating a contribution to a wider role which may require reassessment of the balance between Supporting Professional Activities and Direct Clinical Care duties and allocations.

  • The aim should be that doctors who have passed through threshold one will acquire the skills and experience to allow them to meet the criteria for passing through threshold two, with appropriate support and development through Job Plan review, appraisal, and Supporting Professional Activities.

  • This may require a reassessment of the balance between Supporting Professional Activities and Direct Clinical Care duties as described in Schedule 15.

  • I have read and will comply with the personal securities trading policy.

  • In accordance with the Regents’ Plan, the President issued Conflict of Commitment and Outside Professional Activities of Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants.

  • Curriculum development for the workplace using Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs): AMEE Guide No. 99.

  • See UNC Pembroke “Policy on External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff” for more information about defining and reporting conflicts of commitment.

  • The Events Officer consulted with the Manager Community Culture and Engagement, the Manager Human Resources, the Manager Community Safety and Emergency Management and the Executive Assistant to the Mayor regarding the proposed changes to the 2013 Australia Day event.

More Definitions of Professional Activities

Professional Activities means studio practice, scholarly practice, work, achievement, experience, competence and status and shall include, but not be limited to, research, the production of art, design, and published works, and the preparation of art exhibitions and design contracts. Program or Major means a studio or academic teaching unit of the College.
Professional Activities. Member of Advisory Board to the Xxxx of Business Administration, Central Michigan University Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society, Kent County Unit Chairman of Development Task Force with American Cancer Society - Michigan Division Member of Advisory Board to the Accounting School, Grand Valley State University Board of Directors of the Protection Mutual Insurance Co. Member of Board at Blythefield Country Club. SCHEDULE RE BUSINESS HISTORY AND EDUCATION X.X. XXXXXX INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, INC. EDUCATION AND BUSINESS BACKGROUNDS OF INDIVIDUALS WHO DETERMINE GENERAL INVESTMENT ADVICE GIVEN TO CLIENTS: XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX X. (1948) EDUCATION: Harvard Business College (MBA 1976) Harvard College (BA 1970)
Professional Activities. Classroom teachers have the responsibility to perform professional activities related to teaching as required by the Revised Code of Washington and the Washington Administrative Code. Classroom teachers will perform these activities within or beyond the standard work day at their discretion. They include: Parent conferences (other than those scheduled for first and third quarters); Curriculum committee work; Student conferences; Report card preparation; Report card conferences; Preparation and correction of assignments; Attendance at parent/student meetings. Supervisory Activities: When requested, employees can choose to work up to fifteen (15) hours of time to direct and/or supervise activities that occur beyond the standard work day in the areas listed below. The employee will be paid at the supervisory rate of twenty-nine and 00/100 dollars ($29.00) per hour.
Professional Activities means the principle trading activities of the Insured as declared to Insurers, other than first aid treatment.
Professional Activities means the rendering of medical services by a nurse or emergency medical technician employed by or acting on behalf of a Covered Entity.
Professional Activities means the use of offices and related spaces for such professional services as are provided by medical practitioners, lawyers, architects, engineers and similar professions.

Related to Professional Activities

  • Educational activity means an activity offered by a school, school district, charter school or county office of education that constitutes an integral fundamental part of elementary and secondary education, including, but not limited to, curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • School activities means any activity sponsored by the school including, but not limited to, classroom work, library activities, physical education classes, official assemblies and other similar gatherings, school athletic contests, band concerts, school plays and other theatrical productions, and in-school lunch periods.

  • Commercial Activities means activities, the end result of which is the production of a good or supply of a service, which will be sold in the relevant market in quantities and at prices determined by the enterprise, and are undertaken with an orientation towards profit-making1.

  • Activities has the meaning specified in Section 7.02(b).

  • Professional athlete means an athlete who performs services in a professional athletic event for wages or other remuneration.

  • criminal activity means any kind of criminal involvement in the commission of the following serious crimes:

  • Nonprofessional services means any services not specifically identified as professional services in

  • Service activities means activities in connection with the provision of personal, continuing services to shareholder accounts in the Shares; provided, however, that if the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (“NASD”) adopts a definition of “service fee” for purposes of Section 2830(b)(9) of the NASD Conduct Rules or any successor provision that differs from the definition of “service activities” hereunder, or if the NASD adopts a related interpretive position intended to define the same concept, the definition of “service activities” in this paragraph shall be automatically amended, without further action of the parties, to conform to the then effective NASD definition. Overhead and other expenses related to “distribution activities” or “service activities,” including telephone and other communications expenses, may be included in the information regarding amounts expended for these activities.

  • professional diligence means the standard of skill and care that a Member would be reasonably expected to exercise towards a Client, commensurate with-

  • Professional Client means a client meeting the criteria laid down in Annex II;

  • Interscholastic Activities means athletic or non-athletic/academic activities where students compete on a school vs. school basis.

  • Professional development means training programs for

  • Agricultural activities means agricultural uses and practices including, but not limited to: Producing, breeding, or increasing agricultural products; rotating and changing agricultural crops; allowing land used for agricultural activities to lie fallow in which it is plowed and tilled but left unseeded; allowing land used for agricultural activities to lie dormant as a result of adverse agricultural market conditions; allowing land used for agricultural activities to lie dormant because the land is enrolled in a local, state, or federal conservation program, or the land is subject to a conservation easement; conducting agricultural operations; maintaining, repairing, and replacing agricultural equipment; maintaining, repairing, and replacing agricultural facilities, provided that the replacement facility is no closer to the shoreline than the original facility; and maintaining agricultural lands under production or cultivation;

  • licensed activities means things authorised to be done by the licence

  • Intrascholastic Activities means athletic or non-athletic/academic activities where students compete with students from within the same school.

  • Permitted Activities The primary activities of the trust created pursuant to this Agreement which shall be:

  • Professional Services means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of Florida, or those services performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper, in connection with the firm's or individual's professional employment or practice.

  • Extracurricular activities means: a voluntary activity sponsored by the school or local education agency or an organization sanctioned by the local education agency. Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to, preparation for and involvement in public performances, contests, athletic competitions, demonstrations, displays, and club activities.

  • Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) means routine activities performed around the home or in the community and includes the following:

  • Professional Sports means a sport, which would remunerate a player in excess of 50% of his or her annual income as a means of their livelihood.

  • Instrumental activities of daily living or “IADL” means those activities that reflect the older individual’s ability to perform household and other tasks necessary to meet the older individual’s needs within the community, which may include but are not limited to shopping, housekeeping, chores, and traveling within the community.

  • Professional Technologist means a person holding registration as Professional Engineering Technologist in terms of the Engineering Profession Act, 2000.