Professional Development Leave Sample Clauses

Professional Development Leave. In recognition of the philosophy of professional development as described in Article 10, Section 1, upon request, leave may be granted to any teacher for the purpose of professional development. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.
Professional Development Leave. An Employee on professional development leave may, with prior approval, be regarded as a full-time Employee for up to twelve (12) months, for purposes of salary increment. An Employee receiving an increment for this period may not also claim an increment for any credential earned during this period under Clause 5.01. However, the credential earned shall be used to extend the maximum placement by one (1) Step.
Professional Development Leave. Employees who have an appointment or appointments totaling one hundred and twenty (120) hours or more in an academic session and who are unable to be present for scheduled duties, shall be granted one (1) day of leave per year, without loss of pay to undertake approved Professional Development Leave. Employees must make all reasonable effort to advise their supervisor of the absence, two (2) weeks in advance to reschedule assigned duties. Requests for Professional Development Leave are understood to only be approved upon written application and approval from the Chair/ Director. Professional Development Leave activities can be defined as, but are not limited to, delivering a paper, presenting research findings, chairing a session, serving as a discussant at an academic conference or workshop, or unanticipated off-campus research obligations.
Professional Development Leave. Any regular, full-time teacher selected by the Board to provide professional development, peer coaching, training, etc. to employees (in place of his/her regular teaching assignment) will be allowed by the Board to return to his/her original position. This leave is limited to up to the length of the implementation timeline as described in the original grant. In order to maintain the right to return to his/her original teaching position, the teacher must return to the classroom for a time equal to the length of the leave. A teacher who holds back-to- back (without returning to the classroom) professional development leaves, forfeits his/her right to return to his/her original position.
Professional Development Leave. Employees may apply for and the Employer shall grant professional development leave (“PDL”) subject to the following terms and conditions:
Professional Development Leave. Professional Development Leave may be granted on a short-term basis for the purpose of travel and/or study.
Professional Development Leave. The purposes of a professional development leave will be to improve the professional skills of the faculty member through study, research, and creative work, and will directly benefit the College through the increased effectiveness of the faculty member in situations outside those described in Section 15.10.1 and the timeline described in Section
Professional Development Leave. Where leave is requested for professional development purposes, it is normally only approved during a non-instructional duty period. Exceptions must be submitted in writing and require approval of the Dean at least one
Professional Development Leave. Professional Development Leaves are granted to full-time faculty. The purpose of such leaves is to provide opportunity for full- time faculty members to engage in activities that will result in improved performance. The emphasis is on the acquisition of additional skills, competencies, and knowledge that will contribute to the individual’s capability at the College. Personnel completing a Professional Development Leave shall be required to file with the Human Resources Office, immediately upon return, either an official transcript of all credits earned or a report of program or activities completed. Such documents shall be in agreement with the purpose of the leave, as set forth in the approved employee request for Professional Development Leave. Eligibility for an initial Professional Development Leave may be established by having served at the institution in a faculty capacity for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years. Eligibility to apply for a subsequent Professional Development Leave shall be established after having served five (5) consecutive years, beginning with the date of the completion of the previous leave. A maximum of ten (10) Professional Development Leaves shall be granted to the faculty per year. The basic component of this leave is for the equivalent of half of an academic year, i.e., one major term (Fall or Spring) and one short session (Summer A or B). In addition, such leaves may be taken in combination with a 24 point Banked-Point Leave. It is also possible for the dates of the leave to be arranged out of sequence with major terms, if that is in the best interest of the College and the employee. Professional Development Leave shall be granted at 100% of the annual salary for the equivalent of a major and a minor term. Faculty on Professional Development Leave may not teach overload or non-credit courses, receive task points, or substitute pay. Should the President have evidence that the employee is not fulfilling the conditions of the leave agreement at any time during a particular Professional Development Leave, the Professional Development Leave salary payments may be terminated. An illustration would be a situation where there had been an agreement to enroll in a credit program for a specified number of semester credits and this had not occurred. Each year, faculty interested in a Professional Development Leave shall submit a Professional Development Leave form indicating when they wish to take such leave, for what purpose, and ...
Professional Development Leave. Faculty members who are not eligible for sabbaticals may be eligible to apply for paid professional development leave in accordance with this Article. Professional development leave may be of varying lengths up to twelve (12) months and are granted in the sole discretion of the Dean. A professional development leave may also consist of a course release for instructional faculty or some other partial release from professional obligations.