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Parliament. Macmillan appears to have exploited, but not actually cultivated, a public perception that the American cancellation of Skybolt in 1962 left the UK without a long term deterrent capability, and that the USA was therefore somehow responsible for provision of a substitute; Polaris. The Royal Navy had actually been working on the strategic case for a submarine-based strategic nuclear deterrent since at least 1958, and had a fully developed business case in hand the moment the Skybolt decision was known. Having had a 1960 Conference vote in favour of adoption of a policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament reversed in 1961, Xxxxxx’x Labour government was elected in 1964 on a manifesto commitment of renegotiation of the Polaris Sales Agreement. Within months, Xxxxxx’x Cabinet agreed on the construction of four Resolution class submarines and the purchase of Polaris missiles as agreed by Macmillan and Xxxxxxx, although the force was presented publicly as part of an Anglo-American ‘Atlantic Nuclear Force’, a concept that was dropped almost immediately afterwards. The first of the class was to be HMS Revenge, and the submarines would thenceforth have been the ‘Revenge Class’ but this was thought (by the First Lord of the Admiralty) to be too malevolent and the first of class was commissioned HMS Resolution and the 4th ‘Resolution Class’ submarine was commissioned HMS Revenge.15 The period 1964-1979 is particularly interesting for the student of nuclear policy because it includes two Labour governments which abrogated manifesto commitments to reduce or cancel nuclear deterrence commitments; Xxxxxx’x government had commissioned Polaris and introduced it into Service, and in the 1970’s, under extreme secrecy, introduced and sustained an update programme for Polaris; Super Antelope (later Chevaline). Xxxxxxxxx’x government, faced with the impending obsolescence of Polaris in the early 1980s, chose to continue the Chevaline programme and to commission studies into a Polaris replacement, despite having ‘renounced any intention of moving towards the production of a new generation of nuclear weapons or a successor to the Polaris nuclear force.’16 Both governments used very carefully worded public and parliamentary statements to convey one meaning which could be interpreted within their manifesto 15 XXXXXXXX, P. & XXXXX, J. 2015. The Silent Deep: The Royal Navy Submarine Service since 1945. UK: Penguin Random House. P237 16 LABOUR PARTY. 1979. The Labour Way is the Better Wa...
Parliament. (f) Any Parastatal (A company or agency owned or controlled wholly or partly by the government).
Parliament. On the other hand, it is not envisaged that members designated by the Parliament should participate in the AB because this would cast doubt on the Parliament’s ability to perform external controls objectively, particular in its capacity as the discharge authority. Participation of interested parties In order to guarantee a high level of transparency, the interested parties may be authorised to participate as members, but without the right to vote, in deliberations of the AB.
Parliament. This chapter provides an account of United Kingdom parliamentary debate in respect of law reform to permit assisted death between 1936 and 2009. I omit more recent debates for reasons of space, and to allow for timely completion of the thesis. 3 This does not substantially affect my later conclusions, since first, we are, as of autumn 2015, no closer to the legalisation assisted death on Parliament’s own initiative, and second, recent debates neither include new arguments, nor a shift in the relative weight attached to certain arguments over others.4 1 In order to gain a sense of the debate over time, I label the various arguments, eg I call the argument that individuals would be xxxxxx influenced to request assisted death the abuse argument.
Parliament. This person must not be related to you, be your spouse or partner, live at the same address as you or be involved in this Client Agreement. Certified documents must include the full name, occupation and an original signature of the certifier and the date of certification. Certification must have been carried out in the three months preceding presentation of the certified documents. See section I for details of the wording required for the certification. Alternatively, original documents can be sighted by a Craigs Investment Partners employee. Only complete this section if you are not one of the trustees. If there is more than one Settlor, please complete an additional form. C5
Parliament. 2.7 Are you or any person connected with the bidder YES / NO presently employed by the state? If so, furnish the following particulars: Name of person / director / shareholder/ member: _________________________________ Name of state institution to which the person is connected: _________________________________ Position occupied in the state institution: _________________________________ Any other particulars: _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Did you or your spouse, or any of the company’s directors YES / NO shareholders / members or their spouses conduct business with the state in the previous twelve months? DECLARATION I, THE UNDERSIGNED (NAME) _________________________________ CERTIFY THAT THE INFORMATION FURNISHED IN PARAGRAPHS 2.1 TO 2.8 ABOVE IS CORRECT. I ACCEPT THAT THE STATE MAY ACT AGAINST ME IN TERMS OF XXXXX’S GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TENDER AS STIPULATED IN THE RFP SHOULD THIS DECLARATION PROVE TO BE FALSE. __________________________ ___________________ SIGNATURE DATE ___________________________ _________________________________ POSITION NAME OF XXXXXX SBD 6.1 PREFERENCE POINTS CLAIM FORM IN TERMS OF THE PREFERENTIAL PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS 2017 This preference form must form part of all bids invited. It contains general information and serves as a claim form for preference points for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Status Level of Contribution NB: BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM, XXXXXXX MUST STUDY THE GENERAL CONDITIONS, DEFINITIONS AND DIRECTIVES APPLICABLE IN RESPECT OF B-BBEE, AS PRESCRIBED IN THE PREFERENTIAL PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS, 2017. GENERAL CONDITIONS
Parliament. The Organization shall ensure that no current or former public servant or public office holder to whom the Conflict of Interest Act, the Conflict of Interest and Post- Employment Code for Public Office Holders or the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service applies shall derive direct benefit from this Agreement unless the provision or receipt of such benefit is in compliance with such legislation and codes;
Parliament. We are accountable to Parliament, who scrutinise our work through Select Committees and other functions. Signatories‌ National Partnership Agreement 2022-2025 Xxxxxxx Style Xxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx Dame Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx DBE
Parliament. 2.7 Are you or any person connected with the bidder YES / NO presently employed by the state?