Electric Disturbances Sample Clauses

Electric Disturbances. Customer shall not use the energy delivered under this ,Agreement in such manner as to cause electric disturbances which may . . , expected to (a) cause damage to or interference with Cooperative’s , , connected with Cooperative’s system, or facilities or other property in proximity-to’ Cooperative’s system, or (b) prevent Cooperative from serving other purchasers satisfactorily.Cooperative may, at any time during the term of this Agreement, notify Customer of any such electrical disturbances and, before attempting to take any other action, shall afford Customer a reasonable time and opportunity, under the circumstances involved, to correct or suppress the disturbances. If Customer does not so correct or suppress the disturbances, then Cooperative may suspend or discontinue service.Any interruption of service which may become necessary by reason of this Section shall not relieve Customer its obligation to pay Cooperative the minimum monthly charge as specified in the attached rate schedule.