November 2003 Sample Clauses

November 2003. 22 Svoge Municipality Civil case No 294/2004, Claim for payment of rent Principle of BGN Sofia City Court for kiosk and the installed 18,000 and equipments for the period interests of BGN 05, November 1998 - 05, 6,862.3
November 2003. The adjustment shall be calculated as follows: the Annual Fee in effect shall be multiplied by a factor equal to the amount of the increase or decrease, as the case may be, in the Consumer Price Index for the immediately preceding month of October, over the Consumer Price Index for October of the preceding year. For purposes hereof, the term "Consumer Price Index" shall mean the "Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (1967=100)" specified for "All Items. United States" compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor (the "Index"). In event the Index shall be converted to a different standard reference base or otherwise revised, the determination of the percentage change shall be made with the use of such conversion factor, formula or table for converting the Index as may be published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or, if said Bureau shall not publish the same, then as shall be reasonably determined by the parties.
November 2003. It shall be open for signature by States which are members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific at Shanghai, China, from 26 to 28 April 2004 and thereafter at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 1 May 2004 to 31 December 2005. .
November 2003. The Parties have received disbursements from the sale of MMBtu's Delivered during November, 2003 from the Rodessa/Sligo Interval of the Madisonville Rodessa Field in the following amounts: Redwood Hanover Gateway ------- ------- ------- $552,706.00 $646,807.00 $59,840.00
November 2003. 117.66458892 December 2007..... 154.88622415 January 2012...... 42.
November 2003. For the Company For the Union Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxx Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxx, Staff Representative SCHEDULE l JOB CLASSIFICATIONS AND BASE HOURLY RATES 10/10/2003 10/1/2004 10/1/2005 1ST 2ND 3RD RATE YEAR YEAR YEAR GROUPS RATES RATES RATES 2.00% 2.00% 2.00% LEAD HAND 21.27 21.69 22.13 SHIPPING CLERK 21.04 21.46 21.89 OPERATOR A 19.79 20.18 20.59 OPERATOR B 19.01 19.39 19.78 OPERATOR C 18.46 18.83 19.21 OPERATOR D 17.97 18.33 18.70 PROBATIONARY 14.86 15.16 15.46 STUDENT 13.26 13.53 13.80 Trades Entry 24.29 24.77 25.27 Xxxxx 0 24.69 25.19 25.69 Xxxxx 0 25.09 25.59 26.11 Xxxxx 0 25.51 26.02 26.54 Xxxxx 0 25.91 26.43 26.95 Xxxxx 0 26.32 26.84 27.38 Xxxxx 0 26.71 27.25 27.79 Xxxxx 0 27.12 27.66 28.22 Xxxxx 0 27.52 28.07 28.63 ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN 28.31 28.87 29.45 LEAD MTCE 28.85 29.42 30.01 SCHEDULE II Dept. Extrusion Maintenance Finishing Packing & Shipping Section Press Die Shop Extrusion Maintenance Fab & Buff Shipping GROUP A Operator A Die Corrector- Press Toolman B Operator B Die Corr. T Fabricator Buffer Mechanical Tester Asst. Shipper / Receiver Ovenman / Warehouse man C Operator C Scale Operator D Operator D Janitor Material Handler Material Handler SCHEDULE III Authorization for Deduction of Union Dues PERM. NO. CLOCK NO. TAKE NOTICE THAT I, the undersigned Surname Xxxxxxxxx Names hereby request and authorize Bon L Canada Inc. – Aurora Plant in Ontario to deduct the amount of the current constitutional Union dues or its equivalent as prescribed by the Constitution of the United Steelworkers of America and to remit the said amount to Local 7193, United Steelworkers of America, such deduction to commence with wages earned in the month of 20 and to be made from my wages for the first pay period commencing within each month thereafter. Provided, however, that this authorization shall be null and void from and after the date upon which I become separated from the Company for any cause whatsoever. Witness ( Member of Company ) Signed Dated at Aurora, Ontario 20 NOTE: Complete in Triplicate SCHEDULE IV Press Crew (s) It is agreed between the parties that in the Extrusion Dept., there shall be a press crew ( s ). The following shall apply to the composition of the press crew ( s ). To qualify as a member of a press crew ( s ), an employee must be able to perform all the operations required for a press operation. An employee to qualify for a press crew shall commence as an Operator D and shall progress one job gro...
November 2003. 12 Svoge Municipality Civil case No 284/2004, Claim for payment of rent Principle of BGN Sofia City Court for kiosk and the installed 18,000 and interests ------- ------------------------- --------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------
November 2003. Publication of the half year accounts
November 2003. 117.66458890 April 2006........ 138.44955480 and thereafter. 0.00000000
November 2003. 16,451,108.46 November 2006............... 0.15 The YSOA has been calculated for each Payment Date as the sum of the amount for each Receivable equal to the excess, if any, of -- o the scheduled payments due on such Receivable for each future Collection Period discounted to present value as of the end of the preceding Collection Period at the APR of such Receivable, over o the scheduled payments due on the Receivable for each future Collection Period discounted to present value as of the end of the preceding Collection Period at 7.50%. For purposes of such calculation, future scheduled payments on the Receivables are assumed to be made on their scheduled due dates without any delays, defaults or prepayments. EXHIBIT A Form of Distribution Statement to Noteholders Chrysler Financial Company L.L.C. DaimlerChrysler Auto Trust 2000-E Payment Date Statement to Noteholders ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amount of Principal Paid to: