Science and Technology Sample Clauses

Science and Technology. 1. Member States shall:
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Science and Technology. Article 12.1: Co-operation in the Field of Science and Technology
Science and Technology. The Parties shall encourage, develop and facilitate cooperative activities in the areas of science and technology for peaceful purposes, in accordance with the Agreement on the Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the European Community and the Government of the Republic of Korea.
Science and Technology. 1. The Parties agree to cooperate in the field of science and technology in areas of mutual interest, such as energy, transport, environment and natural resources and health, taking account of their respective policies.
Science and Technology. The Parties undertake to intensify scientific and technological cooperation. Detailed arrangements for the implementation of this objective have been set out in a separate agreement, which entered into force in November 1997.
Science and Technology. 1. The Contracting Parties will, in accordance with their mutual interest and the aims of their development strategy in this area, promote scientific and technological cooperation with a view to:
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Science and Technology. The Parties, recognising that science and technology will contribute to the continued expansion of their respective economies in the medium and long term, shall:
Science and Technology. 1. The Parties will pursue mutually beneficial science and technology partnerships, promoting cooperation under the European Union's Framework Programmes, within the context of the provisions of the agreement on cooperation in science and technology, concluded in November 1997, and in the context of the present Agreement and other relevant instruments. The Parties will give special consideration to the harnessing of science and technology to support South Africa's sustainable growth and development, consistent with the provisions of this Agreement, as well as the advancement of the global sustainable development agenda and the strengthening of Africa's science and technology capacities. The Parties will engage in a regular dialogue in order to jointly identify priorities for science and technology cooperation.
Science and Technology. It was established in 2002 as an OAI-compliant, subject-based open access archive for the global Library and Information Science research and practice communities. At the same time, the need for a deeper understanding of the self-archiving policies of LIS journals was recognized (Xxxxxxx & Xxxxxx, 2003; Xxxxxxx et al., 2005). Literature Review Self-archiving, whereby an author deposits digital copies of his works in a publicly available website, preferably one compliant with the Open Archives Initiative-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI- PMH), is one of two key strategies for reaching the goals of the OA movement – the open availability of the research outputs of a discipline (BOAI, 2002; Eprints, 2005). The other strategy is open access publishing, through electronic journals openly available on the WWW. For Xxxxxx et al (2004), self- archiving and publishing in open access journals are the green and gold roads to achieving open access of the refereed, research literature. There are many studies about open access and both components, open access publishing, through open access journals, and open access archiving or self-archiving, the practice by which authors deposit digital copies of their works for public web access, and the major stakeholders involved, authors and publishers, have been studied. Xxxxxx'x Open Access Bibliography (2005) provides a list of research studies and Xxxxx'x Open Access News weblog (2006) is an excellent current awareness tool for OA research, irrespective of their publication venue, closed or open. For academic journal publishing, the Zwolle Group (SURF, 2005) has recommended minimal items for agreement and some of these are presented in a modified form below:
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