Primary School Sample Clauses

Primary School. (K-3) The class size in each homeroom in the primary division of an elementary school should be no greater than the following number of students per one (1) regular classroom Professional Staff Member Grades K & 1 - 25 students Grades 2 & 3 - 27 students The class size in art, music, technology, and physical education classes should be no greater than the following number of students per one (1) art and/or music or physical education Professional Staff Member: Grades K & 1 - 25 students Grades 2 & 3 - 27 students
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Primary School.  a movement between classes;  class/playground/transport supervision;  staff meetings;  educational activities associated with the curriculum as programmed;  attendance at school for the required time before the commencement of classes;  parent/teacher consultations which form part of the school’s programmed reporting to parents.
Primary School. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard all who access school and promote the welfare of all our pupils by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and bullying. POLICY STATEMENT The Governing Body at Thrussington C. of E. Primary School recognises the use of its ICT and communications facilities as an important resource for teaching, learning and personal development and as an essential aid to business efficiency. It actively encourages staff to take full advantage of the potential for ICT and communications systems to enhance development in all areas of the curriculum and school administration. It is also recognised by the Governing Body that along with these benefits there are also responsibilities, especially for ensuring that children are protected from contact with inappropriate material. In addition to their normal access to the school’s ICT and communications systems for work- related purposes, the Governing Body permits staff limited reasonable personal use of ICT equipment and e-mail and internet facilities during their own time subject to such use:
Primary School. Pupil writes his/her name…………………………………………… Your agreement with us: We ask you to: ⮚ Ensure that your child is bought to and collected from school punctually and that you notify the school of any absences. ⮚ Ensure that time is not taken out of school unless it is in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the Headteacher. ⮚ Support your child in the completion of their homework on time and wherever possible promote opportunities for home learning. ⮚ Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour and equal opportunities. ⮚ Attend parent/teacher consultations and support school events. ⮚ Inform school of anything which you feel may be affecting your child’s learning. ⮚ Support the school’s road safety policy with respect to safe parking by parking at the village hall, so children’s lives aren’t endangered. ⮚ Encourage your child to feel positive about coming to school, praising achievement and success. ⮚ Approach teachers, staff, and parents in a respectful and non-threatening manner. School
Primary School. 1 (a) £575,000 prior to the Occupation of the 150th Dwelling and no more than 149 Dwellings shall be Occupied until this contribution has been deposited with NCC;
Primary School. 2 (a) prior to the Occupation of the 1250th Dwelling and no more than 1249 Dwellings shall be Occupied until this contribution has been deposited with NCC;
Primary School. If in the future you wish to change any of the authorisations, please ask for another of these forms. Please only sign each section if you are happy to give your consent for that section:
Primary School. This consent will be valid unless changed in writing by you.
Primary School. Staff Consent Form Responsible E-mail and Internet Use Please complete, sign and return to the School Business Manager Name: Agreement I have read and understand the school 'E-mail and Internet Use Good Practice - Rules for ICT Users' document. I will use the computer system and Internet in a responsible way and obey these rules at all times. Signed: Date: Appendix 7
Primary School. Primary school personnel (grades Pre K-4) will fulfill the normal expectations of a self-contained class. All primary school personnel shall receive not less than a forty (40) minute continuous preparation period per day (in addition to special instruction periods noted below). Special area teachers who teach six or more classes per day shall have A.M. and/or P.M. bus duty and/or cafeteria duty in order to fulfill their schedule. During world language instruction, computer instruction, and guidance instruction, classroom teachers shall not be required to remain with their students. When the above instruction is scheduled, substitutes will be hired when the above specialty teachers are absent. In addition, full-time special area K-4 teachers will be relieved of one duty assignment per week (from such current assignments as corridor duty, cafeteria duty, bus duty, walk-run duty, playground duty, etc.) so that these full- time special area K-4 teachers shall have one additional prep period per week. There shall be established a “Primary School Committee”, which will include the three primary school principals, at least 2 teachers from each school (which shall include at least one special teacher from each school), and a VTEA designee from each school, to discuss equity issues regarding scheduling, duties, etc.). This committee will reconvene annually prior to the next school year no later than June to discuss issues regarding scheduling and the intent of the above language. Every effort will be made to insure that any additional prep time is available on a consistent basis and is as close to regular prep time minutes as possible.