On Board definition

On Board. Ocean Bills of Lading and Buyer's Inspection Certificate dated on or before the shipping date specified on the face hereof. Any such cancellation shall be without prejudice to all other rights and remedies accruing to Buyer by reason of Seller's breach, unless a written extension of shipping date(s) was previously granted in writing to Seller by Buyer. If any of the terms, conditions or warranties of or underlying this Order Contract, express or implied, are not strictly complied with by Seller with respect to any shipment or installment shipment of the Merchandise ordered herein. Buyer has the right, in addition to all other rights and remedies accruing to Buyer by reason of Seller's breach, to refuse to accept any or all deliveries of Merchandise ordered herein, but any acceptance by Buyer of any such singular shipment or installment shipment shall not be deemed (whether or not buyer notifies Seller of its demand for strict compliance with respect to future shipment installments) a waiver by Buyer of any of its rights to refuse any future shipments hereunder or of any other rights or remedies. 34 5. All merchandise design, patents and trademarks which are supplied by Buyer to Seller or which are distinctive of Buyer's private label merchandise ("Special Features") shall be the property of Buyer and shall be used by seller only for buyer. Buyer may use the Special Features on or with respect to goods manufactured by others and obtain legal protection for the Special Features including, without limitation, patents, design patents, copyrights and trademarks. Merchandise which is not delivered to Buyer for any reason shall not be sold or transferred to any third party without written authorization of Buyer and unless all labels, tags, packaging and markings identifying the merchandise to Buyer have been removed.
On Board means the Goods are loaded On Board the ocean Vessel named in this Bill, or loaded On Board any of the first mode of transportation used or procured by the Carrier, or loaded on the facilities of any Underlying Carrier or Sub-Contractor for Carriage in accordance with the terms of this Bill.
On Board means and includes on board the Vessel when the Goods are being transported from (to) a port and on board a means of conveyance of Inland Carrier en route to (from) the port of loading (discharge) for transport from (to) an inland point;

Examples of On Board in a sentence

  • Delivery terms will always be Freight On Board (FOB)–Destination.

  • To the extent applicable to this IFB, all of the items listed are to be Free On Board to final destination (FOB Destination) with all transportation charges if applicable to be included in the Bid, unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bids.

  • The Supplier on receipt of Purchase Order and by a date not later than 8 weeks from receipt of P.O., shall list out and confirm all deliverables including Main Equipment, Accessories, On Board Spares, Tools, Technical Documentations and other items.

  • Vendor is to quote its lowest and best price Free On Board (F.O.B.) destination on each item to shipping location in San Angelo, Texas unless otherwise specified in the invitation.

  • All items must be bid Freight On Board Destination (hereinafter FOB).

More Definitions of On Board

On Board means a traveller or crew who is travelling on a particular voyage or journey transiting through, stopping and leaving any port in the Republic;
On Board means the goods are loaded on board the ocean vessel named in this Sea waybill for Port to Port Transport, or loaded on board rail cars, trucks lorries, feeder ships, barges, or other means of transportation and are in the custody of the Carrier or Participating Carrier for Combined Transport in accordance with the terms of this Sea waybill.
On Board. Preamble "Park West Contract" Section 7.7 "Pension Plan" Section 4.6.4 "Permit" Section "Plan" Section 4.6.4 "Purchase" Recitals "Quarterly Financials" Section 4.2.1(b) "Real Property" Section "Shares" Recitals "Shareholders Agreement" Section 8.5(b) "Stock Purchase Agreement" Recitals "Subscribers" Preamble "Subscribers' Contribution" Recitals "Third Party Claim" Section 10.4(a) "Welfare Plan" Section 4.6.4
On Board generally means that a platform works completely autonomous, i.e. all computational processes run
On Board explicitly means that the performance monitoring and alerting is effected on board the aircraft and not elsewhere e.g. using a ground-based route adherence monitor or ATC surveillance. The monitoring element of on-board performance monitoring and alerting relates to FTE and NSE. PDE is constrained through database integrity and functional requirements on the defined path, and is considered negligible.
On Board means that the Goods are loaded on board the Vessel or loaded on board any vehicle or other transportation facility that is used or procured by the Carrier as the first mode of transportation or loaded on the transportation facilities used by any Underlying Carrier or Sub-Contractor for Carriage in accordance with the terms of this Bill.
On Board means on board any mode of transportation used or procured by the Carrier, including rail, road, water and air transport.