Milestone Payments Sample Clauses

Milestone Payments will pay Stanford the following milestone payments:
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Milestone Payments. The Investment will be paid over time in accordance with the critical Milestones as set out in Schedule D. A Project may have one or more Milestones, to a maximum of ##, to be disbursed throughout the Term of this Investment Agreement, unless an extension is agreed to by the Parties. Upon completion of a Milestone, the Applicant is required to submit a Progress Report or Final Report (as the case may be) to Alberta Innovates. If a payment of the Investment is indicated in Schedule D at the Project Start Date, the Applicant shall detail all expenditures related to such f unds in the Progress Report due on the completion of Milestone 1.
Milestone Payments. Company shall pay University the following milestone payments within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of each event for each Licensed Product: If a milestone payment is made under this Section 4.4 based on the passage of time rather than on the achievement of a particular milestone event, that milestone payment is not due for the first Licensed Product with respect to the later achievement of that milestone event. These milestone payments are nonrefundable and are not creditable against any other payments due to University under this Agreement. For each Licensed Product, Company shall make all milestone payments, even if an earlier milestone event has not occurred. For example, if Company proceeds from Phase I clinical trial directly to Phase III, the milestone payments for both Phase II and III are due upon achievement of the Phase III milestone event. Also, if Company uses a Phase II clinical trial as a registration trial and proceeds directly to NDA submission without performing a Phase III trial, then upon filing of the NDA, both the Phase III and NDA milestone payments are due.
Milestone Payments. Licensee shall also pay to NovaDel the following Milestone Payments:
Milestone Payments. Company shall pay to Amgen certain milestone payments (“Milestone Payments”) following the first occurrence of certain milestone events, as set forth in Section 1 of the Milestones and Royalties Schedule (the “Milestone Events”). Company shall pay to Amgen the applicable Milestone Payment within [*] after the occurrence of the applicable Milestone Event. Each Milestone Payment is payable only once; except as set forth in Section 1 of the Milestones and Royalties Schedule, no Milestone Payment shall be payable for subsequent or repeated achievements of such Milestone Event with one or more of the same or different Products. Each of the Milestone Payments shall be non-refundable and non-creditable. In the event that a Milestone Event relating to clinical development for a specific Product is achieved and payment that was due and payable with respect to the previous Milestone Event(s) for such Product has not been made by Company, then Company shall promptly pay Amgen such unpaid payment with respect to such previous Milestone Event(s) for such Product.
Milestone Payments. In addition to the payments set forth in Sections 4.1 through 4.3 above, COMPANY shall pay HOSPITAL milestone payments as follows:
Milestone Payments. With respect to Licensed RNAi Products and the achievement by QUARK, its Affiliates or Sublicensees of the milestones in the table below for Licensed RNAi Products, QUARK will provide notice to ALNYLAM of the occurrence of a milestone event within [ * ] of such event, and make the indicated milestone payment to ALNYLAM within [ * ] after the occurrence of the relevant event. Milestone payments will be due only once for the first RNAi Product against the Target being developed by QUARK, or an Affiliate or Sublicensee of QUARK, to achieve the relevant milestone event that is a Licensed RNAi Product or would be a Licensed RNAi Product if all of the claims included in the patent applications under ALNYLAM Patent Rights in existence in Major Market countries as of the date such milestone event is achieved were to issue in their then-current form. For clarity, only one payment shall be due hereunder with respect to each of the following milestone events against the Target, regardless of the number of such RNAi Products that achieve such milestone.[ * ] = CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT, MARKED BY BRACKETS, HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO RULE 406 OF THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, AS AMENDED. In the event one or more milestone events set out above are skipped for any reason, the payment for such skipped milestone events(s) will be due at the same time as the payment for the next achieved milestone event.
Milestone Payments. Within * ( * ) days after the occurrence of each “Milestone Event” set forth below, Licensee shall pay COH or its designee the amount indicated below:Milestone Event #1. Upon the * . $ * #2. Upon * . $ * #3. Upon * . $ * #4. Upon the * . $ * #5. Upon * . $ * #6. Upon the * . $ * #7. Upon * . $ * #8. Upon * . $ * #9. Upon * . $ * #10. Upon * . $ * In the event that * is received prior to the satisfaction of any prior * Event, then Licensee shall also pay the amount due for occurrence of all prior * Events not previously paid upon receiving such * (e.g., if * is received prior to * , Licensee shall pay COH $ * ). The Parties agree that in the event that a clinical trial is conducted and is characterized as a * , then upon commencement of such trial, Licensee shall simultaneously pay the amounts due for occurrence of * , and upon * shall be paid (e.g * , Licensee shall pay to COH $ * upon commencement of such trial and $ * upon Completion of such trial). For clarity, each payment above shall be made only once, regardless of the number of Licensed Products or Licensed Services achieving each * Event.*Confidential material redacted and filed separately with the Commission.CONFIDENTIAL
Milestone Payments. As further consideration for the already agreed future Royalty payments by BeiGene to Company under Section 3.2, as well as the design, preparation, conduct and supervision of certain Clinical Trials (as set forth in the table below), Company shall pay, or cause to be paid, to BeiGene the following one-time, non-refundable milestone payments with respect to the first Product to achieve the milestone events described below. BeiGene shall promptly (and in any event within [...***...] after achievement of such milestone event) notify Company in writing of the achievement of any such milestone event and BeiGene shall issue Company an invoice for the amount of the corresponding milestone payment, which invoice Company shall pay within [...***...] following receipt of such invoice.Milestone event for the First Product to achieve the event Upon [...***...] Upon [...***...] Upon [...***...] *Confidential Information, indicated by [...***...], has been omitted from this filing and filed separately with the Securities Exchange Commission. Upon [...***...] Upon [...***...] Upon [...***...] Total development milestones For the avoidance of doubt, the total maximum milestones payable under this Section 3.4 for Product shall not exceed $[...***...].With respect to each milestone, the milestone payments to be made under this Agreement shall be due and payable only once, regardless of the number of Products developed or Commercialized.
Milestone Payments. If Connetics exercises its option under Section 4.1, then Connetics shall make the following cash milestone payments to InterMune: