Milestone Payments Sample Clauses

Milestone Payments. The Investment will be paid over time in accordance with the critical Milestones as set out in Schedule D. A Project may have one or more Milestones, to be disbursed throughout the Term of this Investment Agreement, unless an extension is agreed to by the Parties. Upon completion of a Milestone, the Applicant is required to submit a Progress Report or Final Report (as the case may be) to Alberta Innovates.
Milestone Payments will pay Stanford the following milestone payments:
Milestone Payments. Company shall pay to Amgen certain milestone payments (“Milestone Payments”) following the first occurrence of certain milestone events, as set forth in Section 1 of the Milestones and Royalties Schedule (the “Milestone Events”). Company shall pay to Amgen the applicable Milestone Payment within [*] after the occurrence of the applicable Milestone Event. Each Milestone Payment is payable only once; except as set forth in Section 1 of the Milestones and Royalties Schedule, no Milestone Payment shall be payable for subsequent or repeated achievements of such Milestone Event with one or more of the same or different Products. Each of the Milestone Payments shall be non-refundable and non-creditable. In the event that a Milestone Event relating to clinical development for a specific Product is achieved and payment that was due and payable with respect to the previous Milestone Event(s) for such Product has not been made by Company, then Company shall promptly pay Amgen such unpaid payment with respect to such previous Milestone Event(s) for such Product.
Milestone Payments. In further consideration of the rights granted by RUSH hereunder, ACORDA or its designees shall pay RUSH the following milestone payments, contingent upon occurrence of the specified event, with each milestone payment to be made no more than once with respect to the achievement of such milestone (but payable the first time such milestone is achieved) for Licensed Product:
Milestone Payments. In addition to the payments set forth in Sections 4.1 through 4.3 above, Company shall pay Hospital milestone payments as follows:
Milestone Payments. Subject to the remainder of this Section 8.4, Merck will make the following milestone payments set forth in Section 8.4(d) (each, a “Milestone Payment”) to Moderna upon the first achievement by Merck (or its Affiliate or Sublicensee) of each of the milestone events set forth in the tables below in Section 8.4(d) (each, a “Milestone Event”), and such payments when owed or paid will be non-refundable and non-creditable and not subject to set-off.
Milestone Payments. (a) In partial consideration of the license rights granted by Marina Bio under this Agreement, MirnaRx shall pay to Marina Bio a milestone payment upon the first achievement by MirnaRx (independently of work done by or in collaboration with a Sublicensee) of the applicable milestone event set forth in the table below, such payments to be in the listed amounts for the applicable Milestone Event: Milestone Event Milestone Payment
Milestone Payments. Hana shall pay to INEX milestones payments in respect of Sphingosomal Vinorelbine as follows:
Milestone Payments. Licensee shall pay to Licensor the milestone payments described in this Section 8.2 following achievement (and only upon the first occurrence) of the corresponding milestone event. Licensee shall promptly notify Licensor in writing of, but in no event later than [*CONFIDENTIAL*] after, the achievement of each such milestone event (each, a “Milestone Notification Notice”). Licensee shall pay the applicable milestone payment by wire transfer of immediately available funds into an account designated by Licensor within [*CONFIDENTIAL*] days after the achievement (and only upon the first occurrence) of the applicable milestone event; provided, however, that in no event shall a failure to deliver a Milestone Notification Notice relieve Licensee of its obligation to pay Licensor the milestone payments described in this Section 8.2. Each such milestone payment is nonrefundable and non-creditable against any other payments due hereunder.
Milestone Payments. Company shall pay Medical School the following milestone payments within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of each event: Milestone