Approval Authority definition

Approval Authority means the authority of a Member State with competence for all aspects of the approval of a type of vehicle, system, component or separate technical unit or of the individual approval of a vehicle; for the authorisation process, for issuing and, if appropriate, withdrawing approval certificates; for acting as the contact point for the approval authorities of other Member States; for designating the technical services and for ensuring that the manufacturer meets his obligations regarding the conformity of production;
Approval Authority means the authority delegated by the Organization to a person designated to occupy a position to approve on its behalf one or more procurement functions within the plan-to-pay cycle up to specified dollar limits subject to the applicable legislation, regulations and procedures in effect at such time.
Approval Authority means the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board or their designee.

Examples of Approval Authority in a sentence

  • Approval and ReviewDetailsApproval AuthorityBoard of DirectorsAdministratorCentre ManagementNext Review Date1 July 2021 HistoryDetailsOriginal Approval Authority and Date30 July 2018: Replaced Policies 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 in the November 2017 edition of the policies and procedures manual.

  • The[Aircraft Controlling Custodian / Designated Approval Authority] for operations conducted under this AAA is [DAA/ACC Rank, Name] and the Aircraft Reporting Custodian is [ARC Rank, Name].

  • A Project that requires Plan Approval by the PAA pursuant to Sections 9.0 through 13.0 shall be considered an as-of-right Project, subject to review and approval by DHCD of any Municipal 40R regulations, guidelines, application forms, or other requirements applicable to review of Projects by the Plan Approval Authority under the 40R Zoning and 760 CMR 59.00.

  • Please note that the Approval Authority members may make other arrangements for representation at hub meetings, provided that this is the agreement of all the Approval Authority members representing those counties/core cities of the hub in question.

  • GRSG noted GRSG-123-11-Rev.1 prepared by IWG VRU-Proxi allowing some vehicles to not fulfil the requirements of the Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS) as long as they are not ready to drive off, or during operation of incompatible auxiliary equipment, if agreed by the Type Approval Authority.

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Approval Authority means the authority to approve and award procurements, as well as any assignment or corporate change requests related to such procurements, up to the procurement values for the respective body or person(s) set out in Policy # 2 - Approval Authority.
Approval Authority means the department.
Approval Authority means an authority, governmental or otherwise, that regulates pre-market approval of goods and services.
Approval Authority means the State Water Control Board or its designee.
Approval Authority means the authority of a Contracting Party with competence for all aspects of the approval of wheeled vehicles, equipment and parts, for issuing and, if appropriate, withdrawing approval certificates, for acting as the contact point for the Approval Authorities of other Contracting Parties, for designating the Technical Services and for ensuring that the manufacturer meets the obligations regarding the conformity of production.
Approval Authority means the City official responsible for reviewing applications for small cell permits and vested with the authority to approve, conditionally approve or deny such applications as provided in this Policy. The approval authority for applications in connection with small wireless facilities within the public rights-of-way shall be the Public Works Director.
Approval Authority means a body or position that has authority to approve, amend, review or revoke a Policy Instrument.