Section 3.2.1 Sample Clauses

Section 3.2.1. 7 Job descriptions are furnished at the time of hire for each position. They are available in the 8 Human Resource Department and shall be furnished upon request.
Section 3.2.1. Should any part of this Agreement or any provisions contained herein be declared invalid by operation of law or by a tribunal of competent jurisdiction, it shall be of no further force and effect, but such invalidation of a part or provision of this Agreement shall not invalidate the remaining portions and they shall remain in full force and effect, and the parties shall agree to meet within thirty (30) days, to negotiate language to replace the invalid portion of the Agreement.
Section 3.2.1. 6 The City shall provide Employees with a subsidy of $100.00 towards the purchase of one pair of safety footwear per the policy on Safety Footwear Protection approved by the Mayor. Any additional pairs of safety footwear will be subsidized by the City only at the discretion of the department head’s designee and based on verified need and propriety. Employees shall be responsible for reasonable care of such footwear and compliance with the Mayor’s approved policy.
Section 3.2.1. 4 Employees shall be required to reimburse the City for damage or loss to equipment, uniforms and protective gear upon a determination by the department head or designated supervisor that such damage or loss was the result of theft, intentional destruction, gross negligence or other misuse of such equipment. Employees who sustain damage to their uniform while in the performance of their job duties as City Employees due to no fault of the Employees and which would warrant the replacement of such item or uniform may submit a written request to the department head for replacement of the damaged item. Damage due to the normal wear and tear shall not be covered nor shall negligence on the part of the Employee. Upon determination by the department head that the request is valid, the department shall replace the item in question. Approved replacement shall not affect the Employee’s annual clothing allowance. Prescription eyeglasses shall be included in the above section, not to exceed one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses.
Section 3.2.1. 5 The appropriate department head, with approval of the Human Resources Director and the Uniform Committee, shall set reasonable standards of work uniform or dress including the type of clothing, color, and condition of clothing in consideration of the type of work performed by the Employee. The Uniform Committee shall include two (2) AFSCME Local 1180 employees who shall represent all bargaining groups of Local 1180 and shall have voting rights and may attend Uniform Committee meetings without loss of pay. Approved AFSCME 1180 patches may be added to the left shoulder of uniforms of Union members who are required by the City to wear uniforms, at the Union’s expense.
Section 3.2.1. 2 Employees who are deemed by their supervisor to have insufficiently complied with dress code standards or personal hygiene needs shall be sent home and/or progressively disciplined as appropriate.
Section 3.2.1. 3 The City shall provide certain equipment and protective gear to Employees which is deemed to be necessary for the efficient performance of the normal duties of those Employees. It shall be the responsibility of the department head to determine what items are necessary for the operation of the department and to assure compliance with required safety standards and City policies. Such items which an Employee would be reasonably expected to possess and utilize in his/her field of work shall not normally be provided by the City.
Section 3.2.1. 2.a Minor Release Means a scheduled release containing small functionality updates and/or accumulated resolutions to defects or non-conformances made available since the immediately preceding release (whether Major Release or Minor Release). Minor Releases shall include "Maintenance Releases" which are supplemental to and made available between Major Releases and other Minor Releases, issued and provided under specific Service Provider Service Level or maintenance obligations and contain only accumulated resolutions or mandated changes. These releases are usually identified by a change in the decimal numbering of a release, such as "7.12" to "7.13." Term Definition Monthly Charges Means the total Charges invoiced by Service Provider in any calendar month for Services (excluding Pass-Through Expenses, Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Service Taxes). Monthly Business Days Means Business Days in a given month. Monthly Business Days Assigned Means with respect to any month and any Service Provider Personnel, the number of Monthly Business Days that such Service Provider Personnel is assigned full time to the performance of Services. Monthly Invoice Has the meaning given in Section 12.1(a) of the Agreement. Monthly Invoice Amount Means Charges due and owing for the preceding month as defined in Exhibit 4 and any other amounts payable by DIR to Service Provider pursuant to the express terms of the Agreement. Monthly Productive Hours Worked Means with respect to any month and any Service Provider Personnel, the number of productive hours worked by such Service Provider Personnel, excluding non-productive time (e.g. commuting time, vacation, holidays, training unrelated to the Services, education, marketing, administrative staff meetings, medical leave, and military leave). MSI Means the Multisourcing Service Integrator who has entered into a contract with DIR for the Multisourcing Service Integrator SOW. Multi-Supplier Environment Has the meaning given in Section 9.15 of the Agreement. N/N-1 Means the version of Software designated and/or approved by DIR or the applicable governance committee, as the current standard for deployment. N-1 is one release prior to the above-described designated or approved Software version. Network Means collectively, WAN, LAN, and other communication or transport networks. Network Component Provider Means the DCS Service Provider who has entered into a contract with DIR for the Network Statement of Work. Network Topology Means the arrange...
Section 3.2.1. 2 Within four (4) weeks of a written request, an employee will be furnished with a copy of 3 his/her job description.