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At Purchaser s request, the Assignment Documents promptly shall be recorded or filed, as applicable, in the name of the Purchaser or in the name of a person or entity designated by Purchaser in all appropriate public offices, files and records. If any such Assignment Document is lost or returned unrecorded or unfiled because of a defect therein, Seller promptly shall prepare substitute Assignment Documents to cure such defects and thereafter cause each such substitute Assignment Document to be duly recorded or filed, as applicable. Purchaser shall pay all recording and filing fees related to one-time recordation or filing, as applicable, of the assignments.
At Purchaser s request, Seller's Board of Directors shall amend Seller's by-laws to increase the size of Seller's Board of Directors to not more than twelve members. Seller will nominate for election to its Board of Directors at each meeting of Seller's shareholders at which directors are to be elected that number of persons designated by Purchaser which Purchaser could elect by cumulatively voting Common Shares owned by it, but not less than two persons if Seller's Board of Directors shall be less than twelve members and three persons if Seller's Board of Directors shall be twelve members. At Purchaser's request, Seller's Board of Directors shall cause the election of persons designated by Purchaser to Seller's Board of Directors on the basis set forth above at a meeting of Seller's Board of Directors prior to the next meeting of Seller's shareholders.
At Purchaser s request Seller shall sign whatever additional documents may be necessary to release and allow Purchaser to use the name "The Xxxxxxx Group."

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  • At Purchaser Representative’s option, Sellers shall join with either Purchaser (or its applicable Affiliate) in making a timely election under Section 338(h)(10) of the Code (and any corresponding election under state, local, and foreign Law) with respect to the purchase and sale of the Shares of either or both of DBIC and DBC (and, if applicable, NORDIC) hereunder (collectively, a “Section 338(h)(10) Election”).

  • At Purchaser request, Supplier shall submit statistics of damage, injuries, incidents or any other reported event that have occurred during the last 5 years.

  • This dilemma is further exacerbated in the Nova Scotia and Canadian contexts as any data available is either not aggregated into one database, and normalized as such, and/or is not publically accessible.

  • At Purchaser and Seller’s request, Lender agrees that it will continue (1) to operate the Lockbox and to process collections delivered thereto in accordance with the Lockbox Agreement in the manner which existed immediately before the Effective Date; and (2) from and after the Effective Date, and following receipt by Xxxxx Day of the Lender Payment, Lender will cooperate with Seller and Purchaser to transfer any funds on deposit in the USA Account as Purchaser may hereafter instruct Lender in writing.

  • At Purchaser Sub’s request, the Seller shall cooperate with the Purchaser Sub in preparing and filing VAT Request.

  • It was imposed directly on those new insurers that entered Indian insurance after the market was liberalized.

  • At Purchaser Parent’s request, Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the consents of Deloitte & Touche LLP to include the reports of Deloitte & Touche LLP with respect to any financial statements related to Seller, the Acquired Membership Interests or the Company Assets in the Required Purchaser Filings, each dated as of the filing date of the applicable Required Purchaser Filing or such other date as reasonably requested by Purchaser Parent.

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At Purchaser s election, the Closing shall occur either as a "New York style" closing or through an escrow, the cost of which shall be shared equally between Purchaser and Seller. If Purchaser elects to have a "New York style" closing, Seller shall deliver to the Title Company a so-called gap indemnity agreement. Purchaser shall receive full possession of the Project at Closing, subject only to the Management Agreement if applicable, the Tenant Leases and the Permitted Exceptions and the Van Financing Documents.
At Purchaser s request, the Sellers shall deliver, with respect to any Employee designated by the Purchaser, the following compensation information for fiscal year 2002 and as of the date of Purchaser's request: (i) annual base salary; (ii) annual bonus; (iii) commissions; (iv) perquisites; (v) benefits; (vi) severance; and (vii) all other material items of compensation. Purchaser shall have the right to hire any Sales and Marketing Employees in compliance with this Section 8.2(b). Not later than one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date hereof, Purchaser shall provide the Sellers with a list identifying each of the Sales and Marketing Employees to whom Purchaser may wish to make offers of employment at the Closing ("Listed Employees"). Not later than ninety (90) days from the date hereof, Purchaser may notify Sellers of any then current Other Employees to whom it wishes to offer employment. Sellers will have the right, in their sole discretion, to determine whether Purchaser will be permitted to offer employment to such Other Employee prior to the Closing. Purchaser may employ any Other Employee who requests employment with Purchaser without any prior solicitation, if the Employee, once hired by Purchaser, represents that he was not solicited by Purchaser and agrees not to solicit any other Employees during the period and to the extent Purchaser is prohibited from soliciting Employees under Section 8.2(c). Not later than sixty (60) days prior to the anticipated Closing Date, Purchaser shall notify Seller of all Employees to which it has made, as of such date, offers of employment and a good faith estimate of those additional Employees to whom it may make offers of employment.
At Purchaser s expense, an ALTA owner's policy of title insurance, insuring Purchaser's title to the Landlord Improvements subject only to the Permitted Encumbrances, together with such endorsements as Purchaser reasonably shall require. .13 Such other matters as Purchaser or the Title Company shall reasonably require. 3 Purchaser's Deliveries. At the Closing, Purchaser shall (i) pay Seller the Purchase Price, and (ii) execute and deliver to Seller the agreements referred to in Sections 9.2.3(iii) and 9.2.4(ii). 4
At Purchaser s request, an assignment or substitution of Seller's interest or position in the litigation and proceedings, if any, described on SCHEDULE 10.1(C) attached hereto; a copy of the Articles of Association and the By-Laws of Seller, certified to be true and correct by an officer of Seller;
At Purchaser s request, Kodak shall provide such information as Purchaser reasonably requests to evaluate Kodak's Manufacturing Business. If Purchaser elects to exercise its Right of First Offer, (i) it shall give written notice of such election (an "Election Notice") to Kodak within the Offer Period, which Election Notice shall specify a closing date not more than 120 Business Days after the giving thereof, and, on the date so specified (or such other date as the parties shall mutually agree), Kodak shall transfer and Purchaser shall purchase, Kodak's Manufacturing Business at the price set forth in the Offering Notice and (ii) Purchaser shall receive a two year (or such longer period specified in the Offering Notice) transitional license to use those Kodak trademarks that, at that time, Kodak uses in connection with Kodak's Manufacturing Business (other than the "Kodak" trade name and the corporate symbol), subject in each case to such additional terms and conditions as Kodak shall determine are necessary to protect its trademarks. If Purchaser does not elect to exercise its Right of First Offer within the Offer Period, Kodak may transfer Kodak's Manufacturing Business to any party at a price no lower and material terms no less favorable than those offered to Purchaser in the Offering Notice at any time within 180 Business Days after the date of the Offering Notice. Any such sale to such party shall be subject to the remaining terms of this Agreement.

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  • First purchaser means the first buyer of a manufactured item that contains ferrous or nonferrous metal in a retail or business-to-business transaction. A person that purchases scrap metal, or other property described in section 10, in violation of this act, or an automotive recycler, pawnshop, scrap metal recycler, or scrap processor is not considered a first purchaser.

  • Bona fide purchaser means a purchaser of property for value who was not knowingly a party to fraud or illegality affect- ing the interest of the spouses or other parties to the transaction, does not have notice of an adverse claim by a spouse and acted in the transaction in good faith.

  • U.S. Purchaser is (a) any U.S. Person that purchased Units, (b) any person that purchased Units on behalf of any U.S. Person or any person in the United States, (c) any purchaser of Units that received an offer of the Units while in the United States, (d) any person that was in the United States at the time the purchaser’s buy order was made or the subscription agreement for Units was executed or delivered;

  • Purchaser means the organization purchasing the goods.

  • The Purchaser means the organization purchasing the Goods, as named in SCC.

  • Subsequent Purchaser Any Person that acquires an interest in a Mortgage Loan from Purchaser.

  • Selling Shareholder has the meaning set forth in Section 3.04(a).

  • Standby Purchaser shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble hereof.

  • Purchased Securities has the meaning assigned in the Terms;

  • Selling Stockholder means any Stockholder owning Registrable Shares included in a Registration Statement.

  • Buyer has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Proposed Purchaser shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.7(a).

  • Purchaser Affiliate means any affiliate of the Purchaser, including a transferee who is an affiliate of the Purchaser, and any person who controls the Purchaser or any affiliate of the Purchaser within the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act or Section 20 of the Exchange Act; and

  • Purchaser Designee means each individual then serving on the Board of Directors pursuant to the exercise of the Purchaser’s rights pursuant to Section 4.07(a) and/or Section 4.07(e), together with any designee(s) of the Purchaser who is then standing for election to the Board of Directors pursuant to Sections 4.07(a) and (b) or who is being proposed for election by the Purchaser pursuant to Section 4.07(e).

  • Purchaser/ User means ultimate recipient of goods and services

  • Ultimate purchaser means, with respect to any new motor vehicle or new motor vehicle engine, the first person who in good faith purchases a new motor vehicle or new motor vehicle engine for purposes other than resale.

  • Foreign Purchaser has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 8(d).

  • Purchasers is defined in Section 12.3.1.

  • Selling Member has the meaning set forth in Section 10.5(a).

  • Purchasing Entity means any entity or organization that has been authorized by the State to place Orders with the Contractor, and may include, without limitation, agencies of the State, institution of higher education within the State, political subdivisions of the State, authorized non-profit organizations and other authorized entities.

  • Designated Purchaser shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.2.

  • Forward Purchaser has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph of this Agreement.

  • retail investor means a person who is one (or more) of the following:

  • Additional Purchased Securities Securities provided by Seller to Buyer pursuant to Paragraph 4(a) hereof;

  • Investor means the Buyer, any transferee or assignee thereof to whom a Buyer assigns its rights under this Agreement in accordance with Section 9 and who agrees to become bound by the provisions of this Agreement, and any transferee or assignee thereof to whom a transferee or assignee assigns its rights under this Agreement in accordance with Section 9 and who agrees to become bound by the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Third Party Purchaser means any Person who, immediately prior to the contemplated transaction, (a) does not directly or indirectly own or have the right to acquire any outstanding Common Stock or (b) is not a Permitted Transferee of any Person who directly or indirectly owns or has the right to acquire any Common Stock.