the Facility definition

the Facility means the outdoor dining facility permitted in terms of this licence
the Facility means the property or building or facility or land owned or leased by the Employer to which the goods comprised in the Service are to be delivered, or where the services or works comprised in the Service are to be carried out.
the Facility or “The Facilities” shall refer to the part of Centre as booked by the Hirer and specified in the Booking Agreement.

Examples of the Facility in a sentence

  • Any attempt to assign, transfer, or encumber any of the rights, duties, or obligations in this agreement or sublet The Facility is void.

  • The Licensee will have use of the Multi-Purpose Hall at The Facility to conduct their annual general meeting.

  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the Licensee shall not be entitled to remove any equipment, chattels, furnishings, fixtures or improvements, or supplies or materials donated or supplied to The Facility by the Licensor.

More Definitions of the Facility

the Facility means each Facility individually unless expressly stated otherwise.
the Facility has a rated capacity to produce Product at the rate of 360,000 tons per year.
the Facility means the Accipiter Arena or the Duliban Insurance Arena as designated for use of the Licensee by the Facility Manager, together with the appurtenant dressing rooms;
the Facility means the multilateral trading facility Euro Millennium, operated by NYFIX International Limited, a company which is authorised to operate a multilateral trading facility for the purposes of Part IV of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000;
the Facility means 2014 Garden Lane, Bradenton, Florida
the Facility means an academy within Inspire Multi Academy Trust therefore the contract is made with the academy.
the Facility means the property as described in Schedule 2;