Sponsored by definition

Sponsored by means financially supported or underwritten in whole or in part.
Sponsored by. Location: Date(s): Time: from to Circle day(s): Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 2970 Substitute Required: Yes: time – from to 2971 No 2972 2973 If reimbursement is being requested a copy of your approved IPDP/ MUST be attached. 2974 Estimated expenses requested to be reimbursed: (Not to exceed $350.00) 2975 2976 Transportation: 2977 Lodging: 2978 Meals: 2979 Registration: 2980 2981 Total: (not to exceed $350.00) 2982 2983 Applicant’s Signature: Date: 2984 2985 2986 2987 2988 2989 2990 2991

Examples of Sponsored by in a sentence

  • Sponsored by (name of Provider) and the State of Florida." The Provider is required to display a civil rights statement prominently on all publications, websites, posters and informational materials mentioning USDOJ programs in bold print and no smaller than the general text of the document.

  • As required by §286.25, FS, if the provider is a non-governmental organization which sponsors a program financed wholly or in part by state funds, including any funds obtained through this contract, it shall, in publicizing, advertising, or describing the sponsorship of the program, state: Sponsored by (provider's name) and the State of Florida, Department of Health.

  • Sponsored by SPE, the Event is undertaken primarily for the technical education of its members.

  • Student Surveys that are Not Sponsored by a Department of Education ProgramParents will be notified in advance of a survey and may inspect, on request, a survey, including an evaluation, created by a third party before the survey is administered or distributed by a school to a student.

  • Sponsored by his government ei- ther directly with the United States or through a public international agency.

  • If a Principal or Association that Sponsors one or more Affiliates terminates its Participation, such Principal or Association must cause each of its Sponsored Affiliates to take the actions required of a terminated Customer under this Rule, unless and to the extent that any such Affiliate becomes an Affiliate Sponsored by a different Principal or Association within a period of time acceptable to the Corporation.

  • Sponsored by the Town Accountant - Selectmen recommend approvalDecision: A motion was made to accept the article as read.

  • Istanbul: Sponsored by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) and Organized by the Turkish Acoustical Society.

  • If an Affiliate Sponsored by a Principal or Association ceases to be so Sponsored by that Principal or Association, such Principal or Association nonetheless is obligated, pursuant to and in accordance with the Standards, to accept from other Customers the records of Transactions arising from the use of Cards issued by that formerly Sponsored Affiliate and whether such Transactions arise before or after the cessation of the Sponsorship.

  • The Federal Judiciary’s Committee on the Codes of Conduct recently issued “Advisory Opinion 116: Participation in Educational Seminars Sponsored by Research Institutes, Think Tanks, Associations, Public Interest Groups, or Other Organizations Engaged in Public Policy Debates.” I request that before you complete these questions you review that Advisory Opinion.

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