Milestone Sample Clauses

Milestone. A principal event specified in the Contract Documents including the Material Completion and Occupancy Date and other events relating to an intermediate completion date or time.
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Milestone. 5.5 The “
Milestone. 5.5 The "Initial Milestone Delivery Date" applicable to this Contract for Difference shall be eighteen (18) months after the Agreement Date.
Milestone. 9.6 The “
Milestone. An event activity that has zero day duration and is typically used to represent the beginning or end of a certain stage of the Project.
Milestone. An event associated with a specific date, for which a payment will be due, as set out in the Payment Schedule of any Task Order.
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Milestone. On or before March 31, 2019, enter into a collaboration agreement with a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company that results in aggregate upfront fees in excess of $5,000,000.
Milestone. Pre-determined, identifiable, and document-supported specific point in a professional service task that represents a reporting requirement or completion of a set of activities upon which a payment of services can be invoiced.
Milestone. Important date(s) tracked in the agreement for monitoring the project status. Period of Performance - The time period specified in the agreement, under Section D, Period of Performance.
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