Milestone Sample Clauses

Milestone. 5.5 The “
Milestone. An event associated with a specific date, for which a payment will be due, as set out in the Payment Schedule of any Task Order.
Milestone. A principal event specified in the Overall Project Schedule relating to an intermediate completion date or time. Milestone events will be project-specific, but generally may include, but are not limited to: construction start, site work, completion of clearing and grubbing, grading, foundation preparation, subsurface utilities, utility completion, structural top out, dry-in, rough-in completion, metal stud and drywall completion, equipment installation, systems operational, all crucial inspections including any final by a Building Inspections Department, inspections for Material Completion, Material Completion Date, inspections for Final Completion, Final Completion Date, and other dates that may be specifically delineated in the Contract Documents.