Medicare Sample Clauses

Medicare. If the Resident meets the eligibility requirements for skilled nursing facility benefits under the Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance Program, the Facility will bill Medicare directly for Part A services provided to the Resident. Medicare will reimburse the Facility a fixed per diem or daily fee based on the Resident’s classification within the Medicare RUG IV guidelines or successor guidelines thereto. If the Resident continues to be eligible, Medicare may provide coverage of up to 100 days of care. The first 20 days of covered services are fully paid by Medicare and the next 80 days (days 21 through 100) of the covered services are paid in part by Medicare and subject to a daily coinsurance amount for which the Resident is responsible. A Resident with Medicare Part B and/or Part D coverage, who subsequently exhausts his/her Part A coverage or no longer needs a skilled level of care under Part A, may still be eligible to receive coverage for certain Part B services (previously included in the Part A payment to the Facility) and/or Part D services when Part A coverage ends. Medicare will terminate coverage for Medicare beneficiaries receiving physical, occupational and/or speech therapy (“therapy services”) if the Resident does not receive therapy for three (3) consecutive days, whether planned or unplanned, for any reason, including illness or refusals, doctor appointments or religious holidays. If such therapy was the basis for Medicare Part A coverage, the Resident would be responsible for the cost of his/her stay, unless another payor source is available. If Medicare denies coverage and denies further payment and/or recoups any payment made to the Facility, the Resident, Resident Representative, and/or Sponsor hereby agree to pay to the Facility any outstanding amounts for unpaid services not covered by other third party payers, subject to applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Such amounts shall be calculated in accordance with the Facility’s applicable prevailing private rates and charges for all basic and additional services provided to the Resident. Except for specifically excluded services, most nursing home services are covered under the consolidated billing requirements for Medicare Part A beneficiaries or under an all-inclusive rate for other third party insurers and managed care organizations (MCOs). Under these requirements, the Facility is responsible for furnishing directly, or arranging for, the services for its residents cover...
Medicare. All employees hired on or after April 1, 1986 must be covered under Medicare. All newly hired employees will have a deduction from their paycheck to cover the cost of Medicare. The deduction will be based on their gross salary. The deduction and salary requirements are determined by federal regulations. In the event that any or all of the provisions of Medicare are no longer applicable to local government due to legislation or judicial action(s), the benefit set forth in this section shall be declared null and void, and the City's requirement to provide this benefit shall cease.
Medicare. This agreement acknowledges the Patient’s understanding that the Physician has opted out of Medicare, and as a result, Medicare cannot be billed for any services performed for the Patient by the Physician. The Patient agrees not to xxxx Medicare or attempt to obtain Medicare reimbursement for any such services. If the Patient is eligible for Medicare, or becomes eligible during the term of this Agreement, then s/he will sign the Medicare Opt Out and Waiver Agreement attached as Appendix D and incorporated by reference. The Patient shall sign and renew the Medicare Opt Out and Waiver Agreement every two years, as required by law. ______ (Initial)
Medicare. Parts A and B of the health care program for the aged and disabled provided by Title XVIII of the United States Social Security Act, as amended from time to time. [MEMBER]. An eligible person who is covered under this Contract . MENTAL HEALTH CENTER. A Facility that mainly provides treatment for people with mental health problems. It will be considered such a place if it carries out its stated purpose under all relevant state and local laws, and it is either:
Medicare. The Employee affirms, covenants, and warrants he is not a Medicare beneficiary and is not currently receiving, has not received in the past, will not have received at the time of payment pursuant to this Agreement, is not entitled to, is not eligible for, and has not applied for or sought Social Security Disability or Medicare benefits. In the event any statement in the preceding sentence is incorrect (for example, but not limited to, if the Employee is a Medicare beneficiary, etc.), the following sentences (i.e., the remaining sentences of this paragraph) apply. The Employee affirms, covenants, and warrants he has made no claim for illness or injury against, nor is he aware of any facts supporting any claim against, the Released Parties under which Released Parties could be liable for medical expenses incurred by the Employee before or after the execution of this agreement. Furthermore, the Employee is aware of no medical expenses which Medicare has paid and for which Released Parties are or could be liable now or in the future. The Employee agrees and affirms that, to the best of his knowledge, no liens of any governmental entities, including those for Medicare conditional payments, exist. The Employee will indemnify, defend, and hold Released Parties harmless from Medicare claims, liens, damages, conditional payments, and rights to payment, if any, including attorneys' fees, and the Employee further agrees to waive any and all future private causes of action for damages pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1395y(b)(3)(A) et seq.
Medicare. The Board will also provide Medicare coverage as elected by those 65 and over. Medicare will be paid annually to the individual.
Medicare. The Practice and staff have opted out of Medicare. As a result, the law prohibits anyone from billing or seeking reimbursement from Medicare for any of the Services included in this Agreement. You agree not to submit bills or attempt to obtain reimbursement from Medicare for any such services. If You are or become eligible for Medicare during the term of this Agreement, You agree that you shall notify the Practice and sign the Medicare opt-out, private contract provided as required by law. Further, You agree to sign and renew the Medicare Opt-Out and Waiver Agreement as required by law.
Medicare. The Medical Group shall cause all physicians to be participating providers and accept assignment under Medicare.
Medicare. Coverage under a medical insurance and prescription drug plan made available through the Village will continue until the retiree or eligible spouse, as the case may be, meets the eligibility criteria for Medicare coverage, at which time primary coverage will be provided by Medicare. At that time, the retiree and/or eligible spouse may be required to change medical insurance and/or prescription drug plans in order to enroll in a Medicare supplemental policy made available through the Village. The Village will NOT reimburse an eligible retiree and the retiree’s spouse for the cost of the Medicare Part B premium.